Attention CFI Forum Users - August 5, 2021

We are switching platforms to a more stable forum with more features. This forum will close to new activity today at 5 PM ET for the conversations to be migrated. Keep checking back at this link and you will be redirected to the new forum when it is available. Your username and password will not change.
Yippy, good luck and god speed. ?

There will be a celebration thread tonight on the new forum, where we can play with some of the new features and get use to it as we celebrate. Be there or be square. I really feel most everyone is going to like the new forum.

Sweet, I feel like running into town for a bottle of champagne.

I’ll stay tuned. ?

When they finish transferring everything, I’ll set up the party thread so everyone can celebrate and play with the new stuff to see how it all works.

Nice news

Hopefully it happens that quick. Hang in there if takes a couple business days