Are whites capable of appreciating what we put colored people through?

It was really when penal laws were applied on Ireland by England. Which was really a anti Catholic movement - it also applied to Catholics in England and Scotland.

An Englishman could kill an Irishman and it was looked on as no different than killing a dog no prosecution .

As to the tread I think some are but most are not Italians were also not considered white for a long time.

I’m working on a timeline of slavery in America. Indentured servitude was part of British law, so it came early to the colonies and was practiced across cultures. Slavery existed around the world too, obviously. America turned to strong use of African slaves after Bacon’s Rebellion, for a number of reasons.

More important to our history is we were late in embracing abolition. Probably because the sugar cane business was the “Silicon Valley” of it’s time and we had no nearby African neighbors, people really believed they were inferior.

The Compromise of 1877 then set the Southern culture in cement, allowing that ignorance to continue into the modern world we know now. With North and South still basically hating each other, the election of Hayes vs Tilden couldn’t be resolved. Hayes agreed to remove the Union troops from the South, the ones that were enforcing the new amendments to the Constitution. We finally started getting some sanity in the 1960s.

Compromise of 1877 - Wikipedia

Got around to start reading a book about Tom Paine. Timeline around 1757. Labor was ruff back then. In London the working days were 12 to 14 hours long. Paine was working in a Union which meant he got paid. Paine grew up in a town where once a year the courts would send convicts to the colonies. 600 plus pages, and just at the beginning of book. So far religion is playing a big part in people leaving England. The Toleration Act of 1698 was the freedom of religion or worship. But the Tithe Bill in 1736 was causing problems. And it was legal to buy votes. Paine wrote a paper in 1775 called “African Slavery in America.” Not there in the reading yet. If I find anything good, will let you know.

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