Are whites capable of appreciating what we put colored people through?

An introduction

Here’s another interesting news clip. This one explores the black person negotiating a White World.

In The Face of GOP Foolery, “The Look” Speaks Loudly


As Judge Jackson ascends to the Supreme Court after a trying confirmation process, The Grio’s Sophia Nelson and The New York Times’s Charles Blow discuss what “the look” is and how Black America uses it as a tool to navigate through corporate America and in dealing with ridiculous situations where a true reaction would tarnish one’s reputation – or doom one’s career.

I was especial impressed with Sophia Nelson words after 6:00, makes an introspective whitie wonder about how well I could have put up with the inhumane behavior and remarks (people of color) need to contend with every single day they try to negotiate the white man’s world.

These sort of things nice white boys, like me, never need to consider as we blunder our way through life.

Yes, blunder is right. You really need to rephrase that first sentence.

That said, I’ve never gotten that look and sigh, thank goodness. I miss the dude talking about “racist babies”. That’s just plain stupid. I really did not like how they treated her during that Q&A. They didn’t know a damn thing and were being very stupid and dragging her over the coals. Unfortunately, the woman in the video is right. Judge Jackson could not go off on him, especially if she really wanted the position on the Supreme Court. I wanted to take Cruz and some others out myself, but I couldn’t either, regardless of my skin colour. I understood the look because I’ve been around a lot of Black people in my life, but I wasn’t on the receiving end of it. I was even talking to my husband about “the look” she gave, long before you posted this video. You get that look, you better step off and take a good look at yourself. I going nuts because of how Judge Jackson was being treated during that stupidity crap.

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“Colored people?” I just call them black.

They do have it rough. Living in a society that is too complex for them – they always struggle and they are always going to be an underclass. However, blacks do have it better in White societies than they do in Africa.

:roll_eyes: It’s not too complex for them. It’s a racist society, not complexed. They aren’t stupid. They are oppressed- by rich white men. Nothing complex about that.

Not if society changes it’s racist ways, but then again, if they stay underclass, so will women of any colour. Judge Jackson’s new position is a win for everyone, especially women and people of colour.

No, they can’t handle it.

White women are definitely not underclass. Neither are most Asian women.

[quote=“thatoneguy, post:4, topic:9345”]
Living in a society that is too complex for them – they always struggle and they are always going to be an underclass. [/quote]

For me, that is racism and foolishness.

Just to give some exemples, our society was/is not to complex for Sidney Poitiers, Arthur Ashe, Barack Obama, or for hundred of thousands of less famous black people living around, working, raising families, and so.

Now i can tell you about a friend, a black woman : she saw in the windows of a shop a cloth which pleased her. She entered, the manager and her assistant ignored her and did not answer to her,.

As she really wanted to try the cloth, she went out, and called her husband, a white man. He entered the shop alone, looked at the cloth, selected the size and went to the manager. " Hello Ms, is there a problem if my wife comes and try it ? " " No, surely not. "

He called his wife and the manager did not dare to say anything.

Does this sort of situation comes from the inaptitude of the black woman to live in a complex society ?

I have friends living in mixed colored couples and black friends . They and their children acknowledge racism but don’t give any details.

My daughter lives with a young man with North African origins. She get plashes sometimes.

Now, i have visited African friends in Africa. I can tell you it would be very hard for me to tackle some of the daily problem they meet, just to get essential goods or substitutes0.

I hope that all this is not too much complex for you.

( To the mods : very sorry, i am not a troller but racism is something i cannot tolerate)


No, you can’t handle having Black people around or any person of colour without thinking they are inferior. They can handle it. They are not stupid or less intelligent and they are quite capable. I don’t see white people creating a form of communication that is code for something they don’t want others to know. You definitely deserve that look, because you are willfully ignorant about non-whites, making you worse than stupid.

Yes, white women are a minority, having to fight for their rights. Women are not the ones in power, making them a minority. So are most Asian women, but I do find that comment interesting. Why do you believe people without brown colouring to their skin are better than those who do?

I agree and we now have both called him on it.

I don’t disagree with you and I’ve been calling thatoneguy on his racism for a few years now. I’ve even told him if he continues he will be banned and he’s asking to be banned, but he’s not being as he usually is. This is mild compared to what he has said. Trust me though, if he continues he won’t be commenting on any thread.

We have at least made it very difficult for racists in the past few decades. There are certain words that can no longer be said without grave consequences. After the Civil War, there was a lot of debt. The North agreed to leave the South alone if they paid it off. If you look at the history of blacks in the Senate, you’ll see two right after the civil war, then Jim Crow kicked in, and you didn’t see anymore until civil rights legislation. In other words, the South has been the underclass.

The South has the worst schools, high divorce rates, more opioid addiction, more alcoholism. They can’t function in this complex world. <<“sarcasm”>>Must be something about their culture.<<"/sarcasm">>

Yes Mriana, I have a bad habit of using (politically incorrect) words, in a weird effort to evoke a self-effacing effect, or something like that. (The Andy Kaufman in me) (but he never made sense to me, so it’s no wonder my attempts also irritate more than clarify.)
So I fixed it, do you see anything else up there?

Nows that’s a real a-hole remark.

The problem is with trying to survive in a white supremacist society where so much is stacked against one. And so many are so utter stupid because they are totally self-absorbed, and completely oblivious, if not contemptuous towards others needs & feelings.


It’s better, but I’m surprised sh** made it past the censors. Vulgarity is actually against the rules, so regardless of what the censors do, you may still want to change the word.

I think when i tried to stop certain words, it stopped whole posts or worse

It’s established that oneguy is “diversity challenged”. He’s not calling anyone stupid for caring about it. He doesn’t repetively post articles to prove he’s right.

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Interestingly, the South is the blackest region of the country.

I couldn’t disagree.

And yet it fits. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah, these funny articles always miss the fact that black people do worse in life everywhere on earth. The entire world can’t be White supremacist so something else must be going on.

But with fewest blacks in political or other leadership positions, so hardly the ones creating the things i listed.

A very difficult metric to define, and even harder to apply to your claims of “everywhere” and “always”.