Another clinton aid dead

This time they say suicide by tying and shooting himself, but no gun has been found. Stranger things

Therefore? What is your conclusion based on that single fact?

Apparently not everyone agrees

Amazing but not surprising. They try to kill the story by now changing it with a gun found.

They who? How did you determine who got the facts right?

Read the article instead of the headline. The police

Answer the question. How do you know the police lied?

Answer the question did the police say there was no gun?

And you say there was no gun?
How do you know this fact?
Were you there? Are you the killer?
How else would you know these things, unless you were involved?

See how easy it is?

He was about to snitch, and the Clintons had him whacked. Is that the idea?

You didn’t ask that. The NYPost names the officer

And here

you didnt answer. Your starting point is terrible.

So, you’re just saying nonsense now?

did the police say there was no gun or did the daily mail make it up? I am fairly confident you understand the question

I understand this question; Are the Clintons named as suspects in this killing by the police?
If not, keep the rumors to yourself, why don’t you?

Don’t you see what you are doing?
You are not a sleuth, you are a rumor monger.

Did the police in the NYPost say there was a gun? Pretty sure you understand the question. The Mail cites a report of an inspection of the truck, where there was no gun. I can’t explain why they didn’t cite the report that included the gun. Nor can I explain why you think the second police report was fabricated.

And, surprise, now they have the report

Hey critical thinker , the first police report says there was no gun found at the scene but when the story started to receive traction nationally as a nonsensical conclusion of suicide the story was changed to now say a shot gun was found 30 feet away from the body.

The authorities want you to believe that this critical piece of evidence was missed by the cops at the time but now miraculously found and on top of that, he was capable of throwing the shotgun 30 feet away after shooting himself in the chest.

What are you suggesting? The “authorities” are trying to mislead everyone?
Why? What possible reason would “authorities” have to intentionally misinform the public about the gathering of evidence.

Why are you after the Clintons? What is your motive to spread rumors?

What world do you live in that you suspect “EVERYBODY OF BEING CORRUPT AND OUT TO GET YOU”?

Are you corrupt? Are you the only incorruptible person in the world?
Get real !!! Life is not a mystery novel. Nature itself is enough to keep us all busy trying to survive.

I am sick of conspiracy theories by people who have absolutely no means to confirm anything they say.
Rumors is how BIG LIES start.

Couple questions/points

Is The Daily Mail a source of good journalism?

Your story depends on a small town cop being in on the lie. Plus all of his coworkers and family who might wonder where his report came from.

Or, The Daily Mail took partial information and made a headline to get clicks. Something they have been known to do.

Oh another good one. The ones who fabricated the lie about it being a suicide, just plum forgot to say there was shotgun there.