Angelo Carusone & MediaMatters exposes the GOP's propaganda outlet FOX - a closer look

It’s becoming common knowledge that FOX (the faux news network) is a one-sided dedicated political operation and not a news outlet. This story deserves much more attention as we get deeper into election season. America is still being played by this Right Wing Extremist’s network and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Remember recognizing of the problem is the first step to working towards remedies.

In 2024, expect Fox News to return to form as Trump’s personal propaganda outlet

Written by Matt Gertz 01/02/24

Happy new year! For The Daily Beast, I wrote about why Fox News will spend 2024 returning to its past role as a 24-7 propaganda network for former President Donald Trump . . .

Fox’s 2024 election denial push is already underway

Written by Matt Gertz 01/17/24

Fox News paid out hundreds of millions of dollars for its 2020 election denial campaign, and the network may still be on the hook for billions more. But Fox’s executives are either unchastened or can’t control their hosts, who have already begun laying the groundwork to delegitimize the results of the 2024 election.

Fox prime-time host Laura Ingraham suggested on Tuesday night — just 24 hours after Donald Trump won the Iowa caucuses and 10 months before his likely rematch with President Joe Biden — that Democrats will try to steal the 2024 election. …

Mar 12, 2023 Interviews with Brian Tyler Cohen

INTERVIEW: Brian interviews Media Matters CEO Angelo Carusone about the company’s complaint against Fox with the FEC, and a campaign to prevent Fox from being able to charge sky-high carriage fees that fund their network.

But FOX doesn’t want you to know about any of it.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Where did FOX come from you may be asking.