Androgyny vs. homeschooling

  • This one was nice to read. Beauty/Androgyny vs. homeschooling. Amazing! - This one was nice to read. Beauty/Androgyny vs. homeschooling. Amazing!
That's funny.
My son watched this commercial while I wasn’t paying any attention. Because it was just a CoverGirl commercial, I didn’t think I would need to cover the screen. I was pre-occupied, speaking with David (my husband). Both of us were caught off guard, we didn’t know how to answer. I don’t know why, but the most logical thing we could think of at that moment was to say, “No, that’s a girl." The commercial comes on a second time. Its undeniable it’s a guy. Now we knew we had to talk about it.
Oh shit, i just noticed my boy get all flushed and hot and bothered when he saw a pretty boy on the cover of a magazine, he's even on TV, oh the horror! :ahhh: The parents are in crisis, momma let her guard down for one moment and in sneaks the devil on the TV screen.. This country needs fixing right now. Home schooling for everyone who can't handle reality. How to make America strong again, wave that flag. No not you, you're a fag, you we beat up. Sieg Trump! Onward into the abyss we march.
David and I must now determine how we are going to handle these big issues when we are not together. If David and I haven’t discussed something and he is alone with Mark, what will he say? Do we need to talk and then lay it all out, right now? Or do we wait for Mark and the other kids to start discovering these issues? It is incredible how a 30 second clip created such turmoil in my house.
Better never let Mark play outside, it's a big world and lots of people out their (predators, foragers, - and plan 'ol nice lonely people looking for other lonely people) waiting for silly innocents who are curious as hell. The stupider the better. David and ditzy disconnected mama hen have actually put their son in greater danger by shielding him - so that he has absolutely no clue what's inside or out there in the world but is probably dying to find out and he'll do along with the first one (good or bad, it's a crap shoot) to start discovering. I'd rather my children come to me with questions and spend their childhood getting to know themselves enough, that when they walk into the real world a they have sense of self-worth, dignity and ethics that stands up to the two-bit hustlers that saturate our society these days. To learn to respect themselves and not to let anyone do anything to them that they don't want them to do. I also want my children to know that they make mistakes and that those mistake should be owned and learned from. Also never go into a place without becoming aware of how to get out. Don't accept presents from strangers, be a little skeptical of smiling faces and think about consequences. The world is full of predators moving along with the good people, learn to recognize who's who. and so on and so forth.

Oh and basically these parents have put their son in greater emotional and physical danger by disconnecting from who their son actually is and fixating on who they want their son to be. Hideous parenting. But that’s a religious fanatic for you. :vampire:
Hell they think they know the mind of GOD, how utterly egomaniacal can a petty human get!!? All other insanity flows from that bit of mental instability. :down:

what a shame, no one wants to touch this
what bunch a dullards we are devolving into