Alone, because of my way of being

Hi everybody: I´m new in this forum. Always loving food for thouth.

My pleasure to join this forum. English is not my native language, but spanish, so, could you please me if I don´t write perfectly?

I´m a night owl, thats why I´ll be reading about all the topics here to tell u my opinion.

See you around

Hola! I don’t think anyone here will judge you too harshly for your English not being perfect. Being largely humanists, we don’t expect people to be perfect. :slight_smile:

Mucho gusto. I was just in Ecuador and I thought “feo” meant “pretty”. I doubt you could do much worse than that. Good thing I know “lo siento”.

Hola Laura, what’s happening?

What’s it like where you’re at?

What is your way of being? Care to write about it a little? Just curious. :- )



Welcome to CFI

(oh, and many of us American’s aren’t that good at writing English. Its okay.)

Hola Lauren!