New Guy

Hello Group, Just wanted to say hi. I’m in the Eugene, Oregon area and would like to participate in some get togethers but I work out of town Wed thru Sat.
Having said that, I’m sure there is some good reading here.

Hi, since this is an Internet group, you can connect with us anywhere you can get an Internet connection. I don’t know if there are any humanist groups in Eugene, but possibly you could go to the CFI and AHA websites and ask them.

Thanks for trying to clarify, but I think this is a cfi website. Maybe I’m confusing two different groups. There is a group that meets for coffee on Wednesdays and some Fridays in Eugene and I am unable to be available at those days. I get multiple invite emails and feel bad for joining a group that I cannot connect with on a personal basis. That’s all I’m trying to convey here.

Yeah, it can be confusing, H-B. This is a CFI Internet forum site (subsidiary to the main CFI site). There’s also a variety of secular humanist and humanist home websites. In additiion, there are many face to face websites. For example, there’s a fourth Friday evening discussion CFI site that meets in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica, probably similar to the one you mentioned in Eugene. Maybe you could suggest that they occasionally meet on a Sunday or Monday.

Welcome Hambone,
Looking forward to your participation, even if it is not face to face.

Thanks to both of you. Just poor timing on my part. Maybe paths will cross down the road.