ME Teams are in for this week. America out China in

Good bye America. Hope you enjoyed your 20 year uninvited stay

So, by the rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban after the pull out, leads me to believe that any control we had was a façade.

It didn’t seem to be stemming from one location. But then again, I wasn’t paying that close of attention on the timing and location.

There was never control. Nor should there be

There, we can agree!

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We had control. The ANA has zero control.

No that’s wrong. Same with USSR

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With 20/20 hindsight, I think the Taliban let us have control. It was a waiting game. I think they even eluded to that previously.

Yes, they always said “you’ve got the clocks but we’ve got the time”. They knew we would leave eventually.

But they wouldn’t be rolling over the country if we were still there.

But you’re not. So what was the point of the 20 year occupation?

The reality is that US imperialism is paying the price for two decades of crimes against the people of Afghanistan carried out under four successive administrations, Democratic and Republican alike.

There doesn’t really seem to have been a point. Our leaders are naive and dishonest. They lacked the will to pull us out after Bin Laden was killed.

Remember this?

Afghanistan was a lost cause from the beginning, for many reasons, among them :

  1. Opium: Afghanistan is one of the biggest world producer of opium and it brings money. To eradicate opium was necessary and impossible

  2. The Pakistan supported the talibans, trained them and so

  3. Nobody has never controlled Afghanistan which is a patchwork of feudal tribes.

Mike Barry, an american, has written a book in French : Le royaume de l’insolence. In fact, the central power has always been weak and has to " buy " the peace.

It seems to me that he has been translated in English by Cambridge press university

[Michael Barry (écrivain) — Wikipédia]



Taliban 50 kms from Kabul

Only a small point admittedly but the Taliban asked for evidence of Bin Laden’s involvement. Never could work out why they didn’t hand it over, they had loads of evidence.

One of the very few things Biden has said that I agree with fully is that if the Afgan people want a country they will have to fight for it. It is way past time for that to be USA foreign policy for all countries. Perhaps if we take a good look we might find the Afgan people are the Taliban.

Americans are shredding documents as we speak