Advisory on religious and spiritual media

Is there anyone who have any “ready to go” advisory label or text to put on religious books, movies etc. to warn minors and encourage critical thinking?
There are advisory labels for explicit text, nudity, violence, but not corruption of children minds?
If anyone know of any such that are well worded and available for free public use, it would be much appreciated.
If not; suggestions for such a label or warning notice in the form of a text would be much appreciated so it can be used and put under “Creative Commons” to be printed and used where needed.
All the best,

Thank you DarronS, not really what i was after as it is probably copyrighted, and also i don’t find it very well worded, but i appreciate the suggestion.

How about taking your own?
Warning: This book contains violence, sexual references, misogyny, genocide and obvious falsehoods.
There, no copyright needed.