Republican embrace of belligerent lies and threats of violence


It would be nice if our Senator’s really started taking the threats and lies seriously enough to actually inform and engage their constituents, in order to confront their bullshit with some knowledge, strategy and self-awareness.

Lordie knows if the newsletters and responses from the two Colorado Senators are any indication they remain steadfastly oblivious to the clear and present danger facing Americans who don’t kowtow to trump-nation thinking. Let alone the need to inform and engage their constituents.



They’ve been doing this for a long time now.

Here’s another article along the same lines. I was going to make a thread of it, but it basically seems to be the same topic:


There was a pretty good summary in on of our local weeklies. I’m adding it here from some historical perspective.

The frosting on the poop pie

To the Telegraph editor,

Now that the Trump chaos has moved on, his legend will surely include some of his more endearing qualities:4

• He told a total of 30,375 lies in public; 10 on his first day in office; five on his second day; 107 on the day he incited the overthrow of democracy on Jan. 6, 2021.

• He played golf on 334 days of “work.”

• Trump charged taxpayers $3 for every glass of tap water served at Mar-a-Lago when the president of China met there with him.

• He told the people in his TV tent, while watching his mob storm our Capitol, that he was “upset at the low class of his supporters.”

• The frosting to his poop pie is the loss of more than 4000,000 citizens to a pandemic costing survivors more than $17 trillion in just 10 months – all due to Trump’s lies and lack of conscience.

• The morally and mentally deficient con man has already made history as America’s worst president, but his deeds will be with us for a long time.

– Susan T,

Letter to the Durango Telegraph 2/18/2021