A Travesty of Justice for the Left

Antifa slayer Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty.

KENOSHA, Wis. — A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts Friday, more than a year after the teenager fatally shot two people and wounded a third amid unrest over a police shooting in Kenosha, a case that set off searing national debates over guns, race, vigilantism and self-defense.

This is wonderful news. I did not expect a “not guilty” on all charges. While it’s accurate to say young Mr Rittenhouse should not have been there in the first place, these events turned out exactly as they should have.

I feel like dancing

What the hell are you dancing about, the dissolution of American civility and respect for authority? The rise of white crazies, who believe they are a class above all the rest? Morons appointing themselves vigilantes because they hate other races, following their own double standards?

The thrill of watching our own countries in the process of getting ready to self-cannibalize and implode under the Bannon banner ?


The line really gets crossed is that the first person he shot, was MI. He did not have access to his meds because of the rioting. Who knows what was going through his head. That’s exactly why you don’t walk around pretending to be “helping” in a situation like that. Kyle had no sense of the rules of engagement.

But let’s forget that even, just compare what he did to anyone who has ever been stalked and chased by someone, turned to defend themselves, but they were killed. What happened? In a case like Trayvon Martin, the white person, the stalker, went free. There are a hundred other well-documented cases like that, and thousands more where we don’t have the evidence, just the word of the person who killed someone who was defending themselves.


2 dead and 1 wounded unarmed persons who had a right to protest (if that is what they were doing) v 17 wannabe local sheriff in possession of an illegal automatic weapon, parading as an EMT who was not from that neighborhood , and everything turned out just right???
What world do you live in ???


No, it’s not wonderful news. Rittenhouse is a white man that got away with murder and you’re rejoicing at that? He should have gone to prison. There is a petition requesting the judge be disbarred, because he made the scales heavy on one side by not allowing the victims to be called victims. It’s just another example of racism in our criminal system.

BTW, for the umpteenth time, there is no such thing as Antifa. :roll_eyes:

On a good note, justice was actually served in this case:

Mama, while mourning the loss of her son, is glad that justice was served.

Now that is good news, but the Rittenhouse crap is just that- BS pure BS pure and simple, with the continuation of racism. He should have also been found guilty of murder.

From your article:

Blockquote Rittenhouse, now 18, has been lauded as a hero by many on the political right, with conservative supporters and celebrities funding the $2 million needed for his bail in November. Weeks after his release, the teen was seen posing for pictures at a Wisconsin bar with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group with a history of violence.

Are we to assume that your not only far right, but a proud boy because you think Rittenhouse is set free to murder more people, with guns and racism and total disregard for human life, a good thing? The judge certainly did, because he wouldn’t allow anyone to call the murdered and injured people victims, even though they were victims.

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Are we also to assume you are this guy:


Mriana is so out of touch she doesn’t know the oxygen thieves Rittenhouse killed were White.

Poor guy. He went to a riot and had no access to his meds. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: He should have made a better choice. Like not going and threatening someone who is armed.

You mean George Zimmerman the “White Hispanic”. :laughing: Try again.

At any rate Rittenhouse wasn’t stalking anybody.

You really are the most terrifying culture on Earth.

This is a travesty of justice for sanity, for humanity, for evolution, for life, for love.

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The protest was an anti-racism rally. It had all to do with racism. Seems to me you’re the one out of touch and you are the person wanting to be armed and dangerous.


I agree, it is a terrifying culture. There are people so gung ho for guns, including ARs and AKs. They don’t care that they have a murderous attitude or are murderous and those who love guns support those who cause murder and mayhem.

The other day, this little girl couldn’t have been anymore than 5 or 6 and the father was going to take her hunting. I was appalled and when I asked if he was, his response was, “She has to learn sometime.” So the disregard for life starts really early and by the time they are 16 the parent is driving them across state lines to cause murder and mayhem, only to be acquitted for murdering people.

Keep in mind, I’m a U.S. citizen, born, raised, and have a lineage that goes back to the Pilgrims and I abhor this subcultural that is a vile and murderous group, that doesn’t care about life in any form, preferring to love guns- the only tool that has only one purpose: to kill. This group even disregards the 1st Amendment rights, clinging to the 2nd one as though it was the main and only one that matters. The Second Amendment clause of the right to keep and bare arms needs to be infringed upon. This case has shown just how much they love their guns and murderous ways and on top of it all, it had the Proud Boys backing it too. So it has all to do with racism, as well as the gun nuts gaining the right to murder people they don’t like, including and especially Civil Rights activists. IMHO the murderous gun nuts need to be marginalized and disavowed, with their gun rights taken away. I have said that for a lifetime too and I was raised around guns. All they are is a means to kill, that’s all. Add to this, guns and racism go hand in hand.

Blockquote “In Black and Latino communities, we have long known that there’s a different set of rules for white Americans,” Democratic U.S. Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia said in a statement. “The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is further proof. Our justice system is broken.”

Blockquote “It sends a horrible message to those who are exercising their First Amendment rights,” said Rush, D-Ill. “It is clear that the decks were stacked against the truth in this case. But I remain fully persuaded that truth will ultimately prevail.”

Blockquote“You know damn well that if Kyle Rittenhouse were Black he would have been found guilty in a heartbeat — or shot dead by cops on the scene,” tweeted former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro.

Blockquote Prosecutors said they had evidence Rittenhouse met for lunch after a hearing earlier this year with several high-ranking members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group known for street fights that the Anti-Defamation League characterizes as “misogynistic, Islamophobic, transphobic and anti-immigration,” with some members espousing “white supremacist and antisemitic ideologies.”

BlockquoteThe judge overseeing Rittenhouse’s case, Bruce Schroeder, barred discussion of that evidence, ruling it would impede on Rittenhouse’s right to a fair trial.

Blockquote“It’s not whether I wanted guilt or not, it’s that so many people will never be afforded the opportunities given to someone who killed people, bragged about it, and became a national white supremacist hero,” said Illinois state Sen. Robert Peters, a progressive Democrat. “This is a perfect example of how f----d our criminal legal system is.”

Blockquote “Prison wouldn’t have made it better, but there’s absolutely no accountability required from this kid,” Rodriguez-Sanchez tweeted. “Another pass for white supremacist violence against our communities and allies. Sending love and solidarity to everyone fighting white supremacy.”

Then there is the Reich (Right) who believe that guns are their God given right to possess and use to murder others, especially those who don’t see white people as supreme.

Blockquote On Capitol Hill, the far right of the Republican Party celebrated. U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Glock-packing politician prone to conspiracy theories who owns a Colorado restaurant named Shooters Grill, declared, “Today is a great day for the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense. Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty on all counts! Glory to God!”

Keep in mind, this man killed those who were protesting for (not against) Civil Rights. Proud Boys, KKK, etc love to call these people “N***** lovers”. I know this, because I’ve ran into these people who have no regard for life before and been called this myself. So this boy had full support from white supremacists. If he’d been Black and killed those who protested against Civil Rights, he’d be sent to prison. Thus the case is loaded with racism and disregard for life, especially human life.

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At least you’re a feral, backwoods, de-civilized, throwback, neo-fascist atheist. God is fair. But you’d be a LOT more comfortable among Christians.

Um… No, I’m not more comfortable among Xian. The Xian extremists are the very ones who would hold one at gunpoint for not believing. I would not be comfortable among Xians who believe guns are their God given right. I’m not the feral, backwoods, de-civilized, throwback here. That would be oneguy (IMO) because he supports guns and this murderous kid. I’m the one who is more comfortable among non-gun carrying Civil and Equal Rights activists. People like oneguy who are gung ho about guns and white Xian extremist folk I am not comfortable around at all. Second Amendment Xian extremists (generally are also white supremacists) are horrifying because they love carrying out violence, especially gun violence against those who’d support equal and civil rights. The KKK and Proud Boys equal Xian Extremist groups. It would be insane to be “a lot more comfortable among Christians”. No. They’d sooner kill someone like me who supports women and civil rights.

thatoneguy exemplifies this article.

Blockquote But perhaps the most problematic aspect of this case was that it represented yet another data point in the long history of some parts of the right valorizing white vigilantes who use violence against people of color and their white allies.

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Didn’t the darn kid commit federal crimes, crossing state lines? So when is the federal trial. When is the FBI going to arrest him? And why not?

Saying a mentally ill person should have made better choices and that a 17 year old made correct choices, shows only your preferences for who is worthy as a human being. It says nothing about what a “better choice” is.

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You know there are still places on earth where they burn people alive for being a witch?

You can’t even get the analogy. Rittenhouse claims someone was an imminent threat to him. That’s how “stand your ground works”, you just need to feel scared, doesn’t matter how you got into the position of being scared. Trayvon Martin was also in imminent danger.

They don’t have quite so many 'aitch bombs.

I was replying to @thatoneguy, and the browser app. won’t show that.

And my apologies @lausten for necessitating your moderation.

Yes or rather the mother for driving him across state lines.

I don’t know. This is the problem with affluenza white privilege.

Exactly and he didn’t do anything except buy Skittles and a soft drink. He didn’t do anything to that [white] Latino man, yet it’s the Latino who claims being scared and defending his ground. The U.S. has a history of killing random Black males and justifying it with lies.

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