A more pleasant distraction: Pick a Cabinet Member!

Good idea. But I lack the ambition.

I lack the ambition
I suspect that will be the real reason Biden won't win. He doesn't seem to feel a need to win, whereas Trump feels he has to win. Trump is all about winning; hard to tell what, if anything, Biden is about. It looks to me like most all the Dems are playing fantasy politics except for Bernie. I believe Bernie really does care. Unfortunately for him he is seen, correctly, as a misguided enemy of the state. If Bernie's energy and conviction could be directed to the right path then the Dems would have an unbeatable candidate.

Can I play?

Sure Sree. Just pick one of the above cabinet positions, that no one has filled yet, Write the one you choose, then write the name of the person you wish to give the office to.

Let’s not mess around. Here is the whole dream cabinet if you win in November 2020.

Secretary of Agriculture – Tammy Duckworth

Attorney General - Kamala Harris

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency – Al Green

Secretary of Commerce – Andrew Yang

Secretary of Defense – Rashida Tlaib

Secretary of Education – Jahana Hayes

Secretary of Energy - Hunter Biden

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency – Jay Inslee

Secretary of Health and Human Services - Fauci

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security – Ilham Omar

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Hakeem Jeffries

Secretary of the Interior – Pramila Jayapal

Secretary of Labor – Elizabeth Warren

Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget – Laura Richardson

Acting Director of National Intelligence – Mazie Hirono

Administrator of the Small Business Administration – Ayanna Pressley

Secretary of State – Andrew Cuomo

Secretary of Transportation – Debra Entenman

Secretary of the Treasury – Maxine Waters

U.S. Trade Representative – Frederica Wilson

Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Jerry Nadler

Vice President – Michelle Obama

Acting White House Chief of Staff – Barrack Hussein Obama

Well, ok, Sree. I guess you win. Congrats!

(Btw, I don’t even know who a bunch of those people are.)

If Biden wins, we should wait til he fills his cabinet, then come back to this thread and see if we got a single one or two or three, correct.