A more pleasant distraction: Pick a Cabinet Member!

The members of the Cabinet are the vice president and the Secretary of State and other heads of the federal executive departments, all of whom — if eligible — are in the presidential line of succession. (from Wikipedia)

Here is a list of them.

Secretary of Agriculture
Attorney General
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Energy
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Labor
Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Acting Director of National Intelligence
Administrator of the Small Business Administration
Secretary of State
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of the Treasury
U.S. Trade Representative
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Vice President
Acting White House Chief of Staff

Now. For anyone who wants to play. Just pick any Cabinet department that you wish and give your suggestion for with whom to fill it Under the Presidency of Joe Biden.


I will begin, so as to exemplify:

Attorney General – Kamala Harris

Please, Someone else continue.






Secretary of State Andrew Cuomo


Thanks for playing, Lausten. Andrew is quite popular these days.

Whose next?

Secretary of Energy Hunter Biden

Alright! Our first sarcastic pick.

Whose next? Keep playing. This is fun.

I’ll do another.


White House Chief of Staff Barack Hussein Obama II


Now that should inspire someone. Make a pick!

Fauci. That’s a gimme

Fauci for which position?

Health and Human Services??


I would love for others to add their choice.

Here’s one:

Secretary of Education - Michelle Obama

Ok, well, I guess it’s up to me to pick another. How about?

Secretary of Commerce – Andrew Yang

Hah! bet you didn’t see that coming.


This thread is going nowhere. I hereby redact my submission of Michelle Obama as Secretary of Education. In order to inspire others to respond, and because it is an interesting idea. I, instead, submit Michelle Obama to be nominated for:

Michelle Obama – Vice President of the United States

If you read Michelle’s book, she is really, really not interested

Governor Inslee for EPA

Robert Riech is a guy on facebook now, but he was in Clinton’s cabinet. Treasury.

How about an actual teacher for Education, Jahana Hayes. Yes, I’m just googling now.

Very good, lausten. Thanks for contributing to the ideas for our next administration’s Cabinet.

I really like Inslee for EPA. I will have to look up Robert Reich and Juhana Hayes.

I can’t blame Michelle for not wanting to be a politician. But I have heard that “You can’t always get what you want.”

Thanks for contributing to the ideas for our next administration’s Cabinet.
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