Hmmm, nominate Elizabeth Warren to the Supreme Court. . .

Moving right along, I got an email this morning from my Pal Senator Grayson who likes keeping me in the loop :coolsmile:
I kind of like the idea, anyone else been talking about it?

Dear Mr. President, please appoint Elizabeth Warren to the Supreme Court, before the end of the week. Sign our petition to the President, asking him to nominate Elizabeth Warren to the Supreme Court. And forward this to your friends, so that they can do the same. Why Elizabeth Warren? She started waiting tables at the age of 13, a year after her father was driven into poverty by a heart attack followed by huge medical bills. She later taught children with disabilities. She was a Harvard Law Professor for almost two decades – in fact, the only one there with tenure who had attended a public university. Her scholarly work is renowned; she is one of the most frequently cited law professors of all time. She has been an indefatigable watchdog over the capital markets for almost a decade, going back to her extraordinarily valuable work on the Congressional Oversight Panel for the federal bailout program. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, even though the Senate Republicans wouldn’t let her run it. She electrified the nation with her “you didn’t build that" speech. And she has been a tireless and effective U.S. Senator. Fourteen Senators and 17 Congressman have been appointed to the Supreme Court. So it wouldn’t be the first time this happened.

That would put a bee in the Republicans’ bonnet.

Whoever Obama puts forth is going to be subject to a severe wringing followed by an ultimate no vote by the Republican Senate. So why not Elizabeth Warren? At least she’s used to partisan negative attention and it would invigorate the liberals, while probably highlighting the Republicans’ obstructionism. But the Repubs would portray it as another slap-in-the-face by Obama and a ploy to destroy America and the Constitution, and their constituents would buy into that.