A double blind study of CBD v placebo blunting Heroin cravings in users


Heroin users who were clean for at least 7 days were divided into 2 groups, placebo and CBD. CBD is a non-high making component of pot. U probably wouldn’t notice any difference from a placebo. The experiment was designed as a double blind. The subjects were shown videos designed to elicit cravings. The CBD group had significantly less cravings and lower indicators of stress than the placebo group. The CBD was a large dose of high quality pure pharmaceutical CBD. It was a relatively small group of subjects and the researchers say a lot more research should be done.


Thanks Tim, fascinating stuff.

I hope this area of study gets the attention it deserves. With the recent legalisation of marijuana in Canada, I think it’s timely…

Bills to reclassify marijuana from being one of the most federally restricted drugs, languishes in Congress. Mitch McConnell will not allow anything to get passed in the Senate.

As long as pot is classified federally as a Schedule 1 narcotic, this will be a major hindrance to valid rigorous research being done.

“As long as pot is classified federally as a Schedule 1 narcotic, this will be a major hindrance to valid rigorous research being done.”


Doubly annoying when on realises the criminalisation of marijuana, opium/morphia/heroin and cocaine were politically motivated in the 1920’s.


An aside about drugs; during WW w2 amphetamines were sold over the counter in Germany and given freely to German troops, as it could keep them active for days at a time . In WW1. ‘care packages’ made up by the posh shops, such as Harrods often contained a pick-me-up in the form of a heroin fit. Pure heroin plus syringe.

I think I had heard that amphetamines were used freely in WWII Germany but I had not heard that about Heroin. I have never tried heroin, but from what I have heard, I wouldn’t have considered it a pick me up.

On the criminalization of marijuana, back when, I recall something about a tycoon who made paper, not wanting the hemp industry to gain ground on his paper production industry.

The heroin kits in WW1 is perfectly true. This was the age where laudanum (tincture of opium) was sold over the counter. It was very popular with women for ‘headaches’ which I suspect included period pain.

The medical fraternity had a high regard for heroin, considering it a ‘sovereign remedy’ for a whole bunch of things. Found this article about the history of heroin .

"At the end of the 19th century in both America and Britain, opium and morphine were popular for medical and recreational purposes. While heroin was first derived at about this time by boiling morphine, it would be a while before it too would become a popular drug.

Working-class families in England used opium for all types of illnesses and injuries. Coughs (common for those with tuberculosis or pneumonia), sleeplessness or injuries would be soothed by these drugs. Many of those who supplied the drug were not doctors, and overdoses were not unusual. Some mothers who gave the drug to calm fussy babies inadvertently killed them by giving too much."

-------------------------In 1898, the Bayer pharmaceutical company began an aggressive marketing campaign to sell its commercial preparation of Heroin. That was the name they gave to their formulation of diacetylmorphine, or the product of boiling morphine for several hours. Heroin was heavily promoted as being non-addicting, and therefore an excellent treatment for morphine addiction. Bronchitis, tuberculosis and other cough-inducing illnesses were also treated with Heroin. In 1906, the American Medical Association approved Heroin for general use and recommended that it be used in place of morphine."




I guess the story about hemp is anecdotal, but it has the ring of truth.

Oh, ok WWI. Then in WWII the Germans got big time into amphetamines, I think 1st for military use and then it became readily available publicly later.

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