New year, new forum for me

Not that I’m leaving the old one I’m on, but just exploring a little more.

Browsed through enough threads here to say Hey! This looks promising. So here I am!

I am not a social media user (twit, snap, FB, etc) … I don’t even have a smartphone! I use phones to make phone calls. Perfectly happy with my flip phone. Sometimes I refer to myself as a wannabe Luddite. … Ironically, my career is in the tech industry.

See ya 'round.

Welcome mrmhead.

I like this forum a lot, only problem with it, is that not enough people participate.

I’m curious what’s the other forum you refer to?

I’m sure I speak for a few when encouraging you to start some threads of your own. We’re always interested in new voices.

Happy New Year, Cc


“wannabe Luddite” - nice way of putting it. I think I know what you mean by that, and relate to it.





I like 'em slow :wink: I don’t want to spend my available time reading through 150 posts in 20 threads. I’d like to participate. I’ve passed on a few forums because they were too busy.

The Forum Site is the other one I’m on. Another slow one.

I don’t shun technology, I just don’t want to become too dependent on it. I think in many aspects we already are. One good CME and we’re back to hunting squirrels in our back yard with stones and sharpened sticks.

Hey everyone, I’m totally new here and just wanted to explore.
I feel old and out of touch with everyone, I have clinical depression and anxiety. Medical marijuana helps alot. So puffing as I type!

Medical marijuana helps alot. -- jolly
Cool. No spam please though. I was on a forum once that would welcome newcomers by saying "two drink minimum". I don't care what you put in your body, but I have been known to wag my finger at inappropriate language. So, yeah, who feels old now?


Adrian Belew - Big Electric Cat - YouTube


Just testing - is this the way it works?


or maybe…

I give up … I’ll have to research :wink:


Yep, that works. It’ll get you to the Youtube addy, but you will have to “back arrow” to get back to CFI.

If you want to show the actual recording without leaving your page all you need do is copy and paste Youtube addy while playing.


Like this?

Men in Helicopters - YouTube




or maybe…



There we go! Right from the video, not the addy bar





mrm, you’re link looks correct. Just cut and paste the one they have in “share”, or the URL in your browser. I’ve never figured out the magic formula for when it recognizes it and displays it as a YouTube preview.

Yes. Different forum platforms have different nuances :wink: