Why do White Evangelicals Worship at the Donald trump? Sarah Posner

I almost bought a book today. Then I didn’t, parked it the ‘cart’. What’s the point of reading it, getting the ugly details of what I was watching from a distance. If I learned about those details would it make any difference, other than raising my blood pressure, then fortifying the ensuing depression and hopelessness?

If it made any difference to me, so what. That doesn’t change anyone else’s mind.

Would it give me more fodder for writing something compelling about it - If I wrote that, what difference would that make? What’s a wannabe activist to do when stranded within an ocean of fear bred apathy?

I’m told about the great skeptical organizations that are out there in America - but it’s more like rumors, I never hear from them. There’s absolutely no public (mass media) hum that anything like that exists. Oh yeah, sure if I really hunt I will find them. The point is we shouldn’t be having to hunt for each other. Why the hell isn’t anyone of any real political power proactively enabling such grassroots networking and crossing feeding and pollination. IF WE AREN’T FUCKING CHANGING MINDS WE ARE LOSING !!!

I keep thinking the political powers, Democratic Party and such, should be doing much more, heck doing something for gosh sake, to encourage and enable the networking of like minded people. To enable (empower) a grassroots movement to develop. But, from over a dozen years of pounding at Democratic officials, sporadically admittedly, I know there’s no interest. It’s like if they can’t control it, they’re incapable of considering it.

There are many people out there who would like to force the sort of things Sarah Posner has taken the time to research and report on with the solid evidence to back up her words onto the public consciousness !

But there is no platform. Well there is something like this right here in River City, excuse me, here at CFI forum - it’s here for anyone with internet service. All America and across the globe even, and all we have is a dozen or so regulars? So if you wonder why I wail and gnash my teeth, that’s why. This next election, regular citizens and their level of apathy or engagement is going to decide the future of our democracy like no other election this nation had since or before, Lincoln’s election. That in turn, will decide how we as a nation deal with our future of increasing AGW driven infrastructure and people destroying catastrophes.

Unholy: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump

“In terrifying detail, Sarah Posner’s book, Unholy illustrates how a vast network of white Christian nationalists plotted the authoritarian takeover of the American democratic system. There is no more timely book than this one.”—Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology

Why did so many evangelicals turn out to vote for Donald Trump, a serial philanderer with questionable conservative credentials who seems to defy Christian values with his every utterance? To a reporter like Sarah Posner, who has been covering the religious right for decades, the answer turns out to be far more intuitive than one might think.

In this taut inquiry, Posner digs deep into the radical history of the religious right to reveal how issues of race and xenophobia have always been at the movement’s core, and how religion often cloaked anxieties about perceived threats to a white, Christian America.

Fueled by an antidemocratic impulse, and united by this narrative of reverse victimization, the religious right and the alt-right support a common agenda–and are actively using the erosion of democratic norms to roll back civil rights advances, stock the judiciary with hard-right judges, defang and deregulate federal agencies, and undermine the credibility of the free press.

Increasingly, this formidable bloc is also forging ties with European far right groups, giving momentum to a truly global movement. …

Sarah Posner is a reporting fellow with Type Investigations.

Sarah Posner graduated from Wesleyan University and has a law degree from the University of Virginia. Her story "How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream," published before the 2016 election, won a Sidney Hillman Foundation Award.

Her investigative reporting has appeared in Rolling Stone, VICE, The Nation, Mother Jones, The New Republic, HuffPost, and Talking Points Memo. Her coverage and analysis of politics and religion has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The American Prospect, Politico, and many other outlets.

Excuse my French but dang it all, the apathy that’s seeming to saturate our people is hideous. Heck even the level of the best and brightest these days is pathetic against the backdrop of the existential challenges rushing at us. Billionaires flying to space, geniuses rather talking about metaphysical imagining that will never touch this middle ground physical reality that we people depend on. God, math, consciousness, challenging space & time, they are all mind games, while we are destroying our life support systems as fast as possible? …