Which is more important? Yourself or other things?

I think the person is the most important thing in life and everything else being secondary. I would not, for example, abandon my mother if she were ill or sick and leave her to suffer just because I thought that something else in this life was more precious than her such as nature or this universe. Therefore, since the person is the most important thing, then what is important needs to be preserved. A person needs to live forever and be happy since that is preserving the individual and is respect towards their importance.
It would be disrespect and the worst thing for that said person to be nothing more than some biological organism that is just here to live and forever die and decay in the end. That is not preserving the individual. That is the worst horrible thing and a complete insult and demeaning of the person’s value. I am just as important as anyone else and I as well as other innocent people deserve to be happy and preserved (to be immortal souls that live in an eternal blissful afterlife).
Some say this is selfish and arrogance. But here again, the person is what is more important than other things in life. The preservation of the person is what is important. It is a person’s happiness, well-being, and preservation (living forever) that is important. No person’s happiness, well-being, and preservation should be left out. That includes my own since I am just as important as anyone else.
The legacy and other things we leave for others are “other things.” They are those less important secondary things compared to the individual. In other words, it is not the legacy and memories we leave behind for others that is the most important thing. The person his/herself is what is most important and it is his/her happiness, well-being, and preservation that is the most important thing in life.
In regards to sacrifice, that is good. If you put yourself through pain to save someone else’s life, that is good. However, if you had to completely sacrifice yourself in the sense of forever no longer existing, then that makes you utterly inferior. You have demeaned your own self importance and you are just as important as anyone else. Not only have you made yourself inferior, but you have also made yourself nobody. When you forever no longer exist anymore, you are nevermore. You become nobody.

Mozart was a troll of the worst kind who has been exposed. And you JSmith should get a blog.

Individuals will always be catered to politically but the REALITY is that they rarely have as much political power as they’d like to imagine or as they are encouraged to believe in school and by politicians. Just my opinion.

Whatever it is it’s determined and we have no conscious control over it, no matter how much we claim or wish we did.