Where's Occam?

Does he come around here anymore?

He died last year.

He died last year.

AFAIK, Lois knew him in real life and broke the news here.

son of a bitch
He was good dude.

Yes, he was. I miss him.

IIRC, he stopped posting here because George got banned, then a while later I heard he was really sick and barely hanging on. I guess he checked out not long after that.

Yup Darron, but it was great getting to know him.

Occam and George were the first posters I met here and I enjoyed discussing topics with both of them. George could be over the top on some issues but he suggested some insightful books, and Occam was supportive and challenging. I miss them both.
Cap’t Jack

His succinct writing style was the epitome of of the meaning of "Occam's razor"
He was the foremost advocate of succinctness, on this forum.