When personal experience is true

This is me complaining about the phone company.

My experience is true because I know it’s true, I experienced it. I called them and told them my mother sold her house and I wanted the phone disconnected. They wouldn’t let me, even though I knew here SSN and birthdate. She was in an assisted living facility and didn’t understand what was happening, so I couldn’t get her on the phone, and if I did, I would have to tell her when her birthdate was.

So, I’ve called a couple times now, and they tell me I didn’t call. They didn’t log me calling, because they didn’t know who I was. I’ve asked them what I should do and they tell me I should have called. I say I did. They say I didn’t. It keeps going around like that. I’m trying to get through to their legal department to file my POA, which is where they should have referred me 3 months ago.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates.

Red tape, red tape and red tape

A sensible rule, to prevent someone of cancelling the phone line of another person by malice creating a nightmare.

Try a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, adding every document needed to justify what happens.

They will not be able to say they did not receive it.

Good advice. I probably won’t try into this situation again though

Might even want to have a lawyer do it. When my mother in law passed away a few years ago we let the lawyer do all communications to banks especially. Something about a lawyer on legal letterhead maybe.