What are the chances of transfer to Food Science and Technology?

I am currently a Y1 business student wanting to transfer to FST. I joined business as I did not want to commit to any particular field (i did not know what i wanted to do). I regret choosing business as I am not a sociable person, and the lifestyle of networking seems very dreadful to me. I realized that I prefer more “scientific” modules, and business modules are too “fluff” for me to comprehend and do well for. However, upon seeing the IGP for food science, I’m not sure if I will be able to transfer to FST. I heard that for transfers, they’ll mainly look at your rank points. My raw rank point is 85, what are the chances of me actually transferring into FST? Any advice given will be greatly appreciated?

I doubt anyone here will have the information you’re looking for. This is a forum for discussion on a lot of topics, but specific transfer options between programs is not one of them. Hopefully you have asked that question in a number of different places and you aren’t sole-sourcing from here.

I hope you can make the transfer. Business would be a nightmare for me too. Food Science and Technology is an interesting option that I know nothing about, but it could be interesting, especially if it allows you to impact the world in a positive way.

Good luck.