Bachelorthesis in sts

I am a german student getting closer and closer to the grand finale. I am on the hunt for a topic for my bachelorthesis, but struggle quite hard in finding one. I´ve been thinking about sts and/or the imparting and implementation of scientific results into society, but am not able to concretize. The reason why I picked that field is because of all these growing movements like antivax, climatechange etcetera.

My problem with finding topics for essays or papers is often quite simple. Most of them bore me. I´ve got a lot of friends working on very mundane issues and they all say it is better to pick a topic thats easy to master. I personally find it way easier to write on something that really interests you and won´t start, until I found it. But time is getting short!

So in summary I thought you guys could maybe help me find some kind of inspiration or idea. I´ve read a lot of papers about different aspects, but am happy to read more.

Thank you in advance

Check out ; Microtubules.

How about studying the efficacy of Putin style propaganda? In the US, we didn’t become a post racial society when we got our first black POTUS. But we seem to have become a post truth society with our current POTUS. Democracies cannot stand if “Truth” becomes a meaningless concept.

I think that the most important issue of our time is that “truth” is going away. We know why. Persons who can manipulate information effectively so as to influence people and events, do it to gain power.

What we need to know is how they are so effective at it. And we need to know how to stop them.