we keep turning our heads to the indoctrination of sex abuse

We act as if sexual assault Isn’t common by men, women, and even young adullts in this society.

Society has turned its head, as though it has forgotten this has been not only a male attitude, its also the mentality of woman’s also. Males receive the blunt of criticism and punishment because it is the alpha of society, but we forget it is the female animal which is the hunter of the tribe.

As long as we keep turning our heads to the indoctrination of sex abuse, and how we issue out punishment, there will never be progress made to, if not solve the problem, then reduce its impact upon societies minds, and find ways to save the babies, women, and men who suffer discriminatory handling of this issue. Never are there winners or losers in this issue, all who go through sexual assault are abused. There is no more or less degrees.for walking and touching an the hands on approach to this reality, “life is not always fair, but it is always just.”

Forget not ‘fair’ comes from what its breeds, but ‘just’ inevitable comes from the definitive way one thinks and acts out thoughts, and how society accept those thoughts. 'Fair" is a misdirection for confusion to abound. ‘Just’ is the direction one sets in motion and can only be changed by a change of thoughts. To change the way society looks upon this issue, and always have, will be a beginning to moral and spiritual regeneration. It will begin to bring light into a darkness which lived behind the door of ‘it is a human thing’ which has been forever. - Julius Fann, Jr

Never give power to anything a person believes is their source of strength - jufa

It is well established that sexual abuse is far more common among men. It is also well established that, back when there were hunters and gatherers and in current primitive societies which still have hunters and gatherers, it is the men who are the hunters and the women who are the gatherers. You’re thinking lions where the female is the hunter. That is not the case with people.