We have chosen to be chipped

Technology, Politics or Psychology? … so I chose General:

Why mandate if you can encourage.

We chose to put Big Brother in our pockets.

KCK man arrested in Jan. 6 riot after records show his cellphone was inside the Capitol (yahoo.com)

It can be used to catch the criminals after the fact. But we have yet to create the capacity to monitor and react in real-time on a large scale.

There is also the possibility that the information gathered can be used for nefarious reasons.

… just look at the detail they have access to.

(I suppose this could also be filed under “Dumb Criminals”)

Those who worry about being “chipped”, need to give up their cell phone.

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I decided way back to not worry about being tracked or hacked, with reasonable precations of course. But that’s getting harder to maintain. Especially as government gets more authoritarian. I might think I’m peacefully assembling, but they might not.

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After all, they did get a KC dude, via his phone, for being at the 1/6 coup.

Side note: Has anyone noticed several who were there that day and being charged with a crime from that day are from my state of MO? IMHO, that shows what I’ve been saying as to how insane people are in my area. They worship 45 around these part and as I think I mentioned before, threaten violence if you don’t. It’s bad, including with COVID- because they listen to that orange creature.

I can commiserate. Ohio comes up an embarrassingly number of times.

Rep Anthony Gonzales (R) voted to impeach trump.
The recent census required Ohio to redraw and reduce the number of districts. Guess who got gerrymandered out of a job. He saw it coming and chose not to run again elsewhere.

Depends on the “They” :wink:

Two things that bother me about tech;

  1. The way it has become so invasive.
    Not so concerned about gov’t and law enforcement, but more so the criminals and corporations. Tech corps deploy their data collectors so your information can be used in marketing. Not sure if it’s here yet, but I’ve heard where you can walk by a store in a mall, or on the street, and get an advertisement on your device for it.
    If that info is available to marketing, it will be available to criminals, stalkers, angry husbands/wives …
    They have already caught someone using those iTags in domestic disputes. (angry husband)

  2. The way we have become so dependent on it.
    Have you ever been in a restaurant (fast food) and get the “We can’t accept credit, our computers are down” … and how many people no longer carry cash?
    How many people know how to read a map, rather than “Turn Left in 500 feet”
    Do you remember phone numbers? or just select the name on the list…

And when it all goes “POOF! …” everyone will lose their mind.

Look what happens when Facebook or Twitter is down!
Or more importantly and business-impacting - Microsoft Teams/Outlook/365 or Zoom

Like anything else … Enjoy in moderation.
I think we’re getting close to that line.

A. Luddite

I get it. Even before computers, it was called the progress trap. As we get comfortable with new technology, we forget how to live without it.

Oh they know where you are, what you buy, etc etc. and I think somehow they even listen, even without that stupid Alexa thing. My wife and I merely discussed a certain product, and I did go to the Target site and search. It was a very specific thing. Lo and behold an ad for exactly what I was searching the Target site for showed up on Instagram. Similarly we purchased a single thing from Lowes. What ad do you think shows up on Instagram later that day? An ad for Lowes, even though this is the first and only time we went into the store in our area.

And yes, I guarantee “they” know what stores you visit, came close to, and even what sections OF a store you visited, all through GPS. I used to work with RFID years and years ago, and in learning about its applications I came across where they could give you an RFID enabled tag of some sort, then track each and every place you stood in front of in a store. THEN based on those locations could match up with various data to get ads and coupons and deals in front of you in email, snail mail, targeted brochures, etc. The disease of capitalism is deep.

You might think, like I’ve seen the Chinese do (some documentary about just how bad China is as far as surveilling the population) If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to fear? They interviewed people in that documentary and more than one said it. What they don’t seem to realize is, who defines what’s wrong and right? That’s the problem.

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I hear so many comments like that, and I’ve experienced it myself.

That’s what I meant earlier. I might think it’s okay to be public about what I do, but not everyone agrees. See Handmaids Tale for reference.

As I said, if you’re worried about it, not get a cell phone or an Alexa/Google/Siri, a computer/tablet/laptop, or any other electronic that can connect to the grid. This probably means don’t even buy a TV now days, if you are really worried about whoever knowing what you’re doing and/or buying.

We’re not worried about it. We have 3 Alexa’s, several tablets (1 is a fire with Alexa), Roku TV, Fire TV, Android TV stick, Fire Cube, 2 Fire sticks. We also have Alexa for the car, a couple of cells, and the internet. We also use GPS. I also have a Prime Account with Amazon. We’re not doing anything illegal, so who cares? Plus, you can also set your various accounts, including with Fire TV etc to “do not share my data”. Of course this isn’t 100%, but again, if you’re that worried about it, not get any of these things and don’t get online for anything- including CFI forums.

I’m looking for a video showing the comedianne (Whitney Cummings) talking about data before the internet and cells, etc. Keep in mind, phone books were once thrown onto our porch and no one picked them up to find our addresses and phone numbers. There were other things too, in which people could get our info and yet we weren’t as paranoid as people are today. Oh yes, then there is the Neilsons too.

Here it is and I must put a warning on this due to language, but now days all comedians use foul language. If you can’t handle it then don’t watch it.

You must have missed my and lausten’s earlier posts. You should care because what you consider not illegal might be considered illegal at some point.

But get this - literally a couple hours after I made my last post in this thread, my wife and I were talking about getting a backup generator. Just talking about it. I think I may have done a search a month ago or so. But lo and behold, not 15 minutes later an ad for a backup generator shows up from my local Walmart. Tell me that’s not wrong. How is that not spying? And as far as I know, in the US spying on citizens is illegal, regardless of what’s being spied.

I’ve started doing my searches of “Just thinkin’ about …” in an In-Private window.

You sound paranoid. My guess is, the search you did is still showing up and you probably searched it on Walmart. That said, FB shows a lot of ads from searches, so if you fear such things then erase you tracks from FB and remove your account.

If you don’t want your phone tracking you, turn it off when not using it. Also, if you have OnStar in your vehicle don’t plug any devices into it because all your data will end up in the cloud.

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Sorry, you sound naive. Check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix if you can.

And no, I didn’t search for it on Walmart. Anywho, check out that documentary.

China actually already has a survelliance system that tracks who goes where, when they return to their apartment, etc, to enforce curfews and whatnot.

Gee, I never thought I’d agree with you thatoneguy, but for once you said something I agree with.

Sounds like propaganda to me. Why would I watch propaganda? It’s nothing more than a brainwashing.

Now that I can believe. They are a totalitarian society, with no control over their own lives or even freedom.

Funny. Watch the show - it’s from a former exec at Facebook if I remember correctly.

As for China, the point is, it serves as a model for other countries with similar “concerns”, for example countries where abortion is illegal so the gov wants to know who’s going to clinics, etc. Hmm, sound familiar?

Facebook? ROFL That’s one of the biggest propaganda machines and fighting the propaganda there is hard.