We have chosen to be chipped

You’re completely missing the point. Forget the company, might have been some other company, but the film was about how various companies, social media companies especially, track our every online move, even how long you stay on an ad, or a post, etc. Then they data crunch to find patterns to suggest other ads, and so on.

I’m not even sure you understand what propaganda is - what belief system would a social media exec be propagandizing by telling everyone to beware of how online companies are using your online activities? Police officer: hey kids, don’t talk to strangers. Propaganda in your mind I guess.

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Let’s face it. Privacy is no longer an inherent right.

Insurance companies know more about you than you do. It’s unavoidable when wi-fi communication is the norm.

There used to be a practice of phone-tapping. Today every phone call is tapped and stored in the cloud by the service providers.

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Yes and, as far as I know, there is conflict between USA and Europe : USA want that the US companies make available to the US government every data they have and Europe does not want.

Then, if one is so worried about it, don’t get a cell phone, don’t get internet, or do/get anything that connects one to the grid and they can’t get data on you. In essences, live in the wildness with no one around you. There are great areas of people living distances apart in southern Missouri, where internet and cell phone use is out of range. One is lucky if they can get even a landline.

The key word there is “former”. There are many people who have left social media companies and are talking about the strategies of those companies. They couldn’t in good conscious remain employed there. The Social Dilemma movie has other experts too, like Jonathan Haidt, whom I’ve referenced before.

The dangers of fake news are also discussed in the documentary. Harris argues that this is a “disinformation-for-profit business model” and that companies make more money by allowing “unregulated messages to reach anyone for the best price”. According to a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, fake news on Twitter spreads six times faster than true news.[2] Wikipedia is mentioned as a neutral landscape that shows all users the exact same page without tailoring it for the individual or monetizing it.

And, it doesn’t matter that not everyone is hooked on it. They only need to attract a few who pass it along, either with the links and retweets, or in person. For those who either don’t have google, or don’t use it, or don’t have good research skills, telling them a story about child-sex-rings, and saying you have a source, is enough.

Not only phone calls but all other data on one’s phone.

As I said, FB is one of the biggest propaganda machines.

Is it any wonder that the US has one of the lowest number of “informed citizenry”?
Fox News is the mother of false propaganda and freely admits it. Their audience doesn’t care, they like the sensationalism of an alternate reality where all truth is suppressed and fake news is the replacement.
This is a proto-Orwellian propaganda machine.

Jan. 6 committee reveals Trump’s Orwellian attempt to win the election

A man carrying zip ties climbs over steps in the U.S. Senate chamber on Jan. 6, 2021 (Win McNamee/Getty Images).

Anyone who’s read George Orwell’s “1984,” the dystopian novel about life in the U.S. under an authoritarian regime, knows that to survive, one had to accept whatever Big Brother said no matter how big the lie. Proof you’d come to fully embrace the all-controlling Party was to believe without question that two plus two never equaled four but always the number five. Anyone who claimed otherwise was considered a traitor and treated as such.

I think of that now knowing that despite the hours of testimony and truckloads of evidence of President Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the election, much of it coming from Trump loyalists, the majority of House and Senate Republicans and many Republican voters, including 50% of them here in Oregon, still swallow and spew Trump’s lie, and consider those who do not parrot his prattle like Republican Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, traitors.

Both of these conservatives are central to the committee’s investigation and both were censured by Republican party brass for having the temerity to doubt Trump’s math.


Sadly no. So many seem to watch Faux News and they seem to truly believe what is said.

I never read the book. I keep meaning to read it, but I either can’t afford it at the time I find it or I can’t find it when I’m ready to buy it or I forget about it until someone mentions it. I’m wondering if I can find it on the library app and they send it to my phone like other ebooks I’ve ordered?

Youtube has an old version with Edmond O’Brien that explains the basic plot.

The more modern version with John Hurt and Richard Burton is for rent.

Thanks. I’ll do both if I can. :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a fun book but very overrated. You won’t be really missing anything if you never read it.

I totally disagree : 1984 shows you the essence of totalitarianism, even if outdated about some aspects.

Look at the way the Chinese government works, it is a copy, with computers added.


This doesn’t surprise me. We are most definitely heading towards a totalitarian society, which would be a horrible. Handmaid’s Tale anyone? It’s my body, even if I’m past the age of childbearing and I want to keep my credit cards and any property I have, as well as my voting rights. We’ve always had issues with China. Communism is one of the worst forms of government, but Democratic Socialism might not be too bad. Socialism is better than totalitarianism. What would be better is a society like the one Star Trek has, where people don’t want for their basic needs and can just strive to better themselves and society. As of right now though, if we had a replicator of any sort, it would be very much like what was said about a society getting one too soon in the latest episode of Orville. The rich would have it and no one else. They have everything else, that’s for sure.

Brave New World
Animal Farm
Fahrenheit 451

… only good for lining bird cages, right?

It is a science-fiction style of totalitarianism. Not realistic at all.

1984 is a good sci-fi novel, nothing more. Animal Farm is much better. I haven’t read the other two.

The big Lie that Biden was not legitimately elected is science fiction?

[About Orwell’s 1984:
quote=“thatoneguy, post:36, topic:9747”]
It is a science-fiction style of totalitarianism. Not realistic at all.

  • absolute supervision
  • control of behaviors by cameras
  • control of facts and history by the government
  • control of langage and thoughts
  • double think, double langage

Orwell did not anticipate the power of computers.

But China is methodically setting such a system. And bits of it are set up in West, shared between states and firms.

And rewriting history has already begun in the US .