Warm greetings from a Free Thinker & a secular from the Pakistan

Hi all Members,
Finally, I am feeling glad to find a space and umbrella of free thinkers of Globe.
Let me introduce, I am a free thinker and secular from a Sindh, Pakistan. The Pakistan is currently in turmoil and grabbed in religious conservatism and radicalization, which do not allow to even express free thoughts and freedom of expression. Pakistani culture and society is facing a immense threat from the religious extremism, it has very deeply now rooted in the Pakistan. After, passing my LLB Law degree, I was interested to work for human rights, through this time I was embraced secularism, which changed my ideology and behaviour. After having such ideology I have feel interested to work for minorities, LGBTs, Scheduled caste in the Pakistan. I am also my sharing secular thoughts through my twitter and facebook pages. However, sometimes, I really want full myself express myself but a fear of my life threat stop me. However, I am still inside in the Pakistan and I am working with ideology at grassroots level at Sindh, where Sindhi society is less radical about religion and it still allowing me to share my freedom. I am slowly pentrating my secular ideas inside of Sindhi community fellows as they also have Sufism side.
I hope through this forum I will be able to learn and share my secular and freedom, which earlier was suppressed. So, it is pleasure to meet you guys and hope I will more learn and educate through your ideas.
Keep close with and keep Guide me…
Best Regards
A free Thinker of Pakistan

Welcome aboard Shan. Hope you stick around and contribute. I’ve learned a lot here.

Welcome, Shan.

Keep close with and keep Guide me.....
We can say what we want on here, so you have to judge each and every piece on here on its own merit. There are lots of different opinions and ideas here, so keep your thinking-cap on at all times. I think your unique perspective will be very valuable and interesting. Glad you joined and I hope you keep stopping by to contribute.