Verkhoyansk in the Arctic Circle - 38 degrees!

A small community in Siberia had a temperature of 38 degrees on Saturday. No big deal, you say?

Well the 38 degrees, is CELSIUS! In Fahrenheit the temp was 101 degrees!

101 degrees in the Arctic Circle!

I wont go into how the melting permafrost will lead to MAJOR additions of greenhouse gases to our atmosphere.

Imagine the microbes that are being thawed out and now incubating.

I’m tempted to do a data dump, it has been discussed by serious scientists for long time, there’s quite a paper trail, but what’s the point?

Further tipping points leading us into increasingly ugly times within this realm of Physical Reality that supplies our collective life support systems.

It’s promising to be so ugly - lets just take refuge in our Mindscapes where we can pamper our delusions.

wow… did u get a tan…?? and yes, the earth is reacting … dust storms in Africa… earth quakes in Mexico and today in California … ya gotta wonder what’s next…

Oh yeah, I heard about the dust storm coming from Africa.

Changes tend to bring surprises. (Even for those who deny that there is a change.)

Maxxhazzard, dust flying around the globe, earthquakes in California, and Mexico, oh my. Gotta wonder what’s next, hmmm watch out for the rainbows.


:wink: xo

Maybe the LGBTQ community is behind this rainbow conspiracy. That video is from 2007. Which is around the time that everything seemed to start going in their direction.

Oh the humanity! How can we be expected to survive those prismatic colors appearing in the air?