No Global Warming! Really? So how is your December weather?

Our cabin just got rattled with a bunch of thunder. Not so bad, drought conditions continue so glory be rain.
But, but, it’s f’n Christmas Eve and we’re at 7,000’+
That snow storm we were supposed to have last week, was two days of rain before snows finally came.
Ground soft, warm, wet snow, March/April stuff, but this is end December. :smirk:
Today, the next storm comes in and it starts with strong rains, and now this thunder and lightening.
Not good, these creatures around here are used to four seasons, they don’t know what’s up.

My wife and I left Texas largely due to the heat and knowing it is getting worse, along with the water shortages the state is likely to experience before the end of our lives. This has been a weird weather year. We’ve had a few days of cold, but not nearly as much snow as normal. We even had a slight rain overnight. Luckily, the Rockies have been getting a lot of snow this month. If that continues we’ll have water next summer.

A cold front pulled in last night and rain turned to snow, woke up to couple inches of sloppy spring snow.
Looks beautiful, feels not so impressive.
But it’s better than no snow, or moisture, at all.

We’re getting light snow right now. Won’t amount to much, but I’ll take it.