Venus: The Sun Killed It

New theory says that Venus was rendered uninhabitable by its close formation to the sun.]

Ultraviolet rays from the sun sapped Venus' atmosphere of water during the planet's evolution, keeping it in a "prolonged molten state" for longer than Earth's molten state, a team of Japanese scientists has found. Venus' vastly different environment came because it formed closer to the sun than Earth did, the researchers said.
Yet further evidence that the quack science book Worlds in Collision is garbage, as well as having implications for what kinds of exo-planets might be habitable.

Nice find. :slight_smile: It’s always nice to see a science-y article which doesn’t assume a 4th-grade reading level for it’s readers.

Gee, I always figured Venus evolved faster than we did, but their advanced civilization didn’t believe in global warming, and that’s what’s in store for us if we don’t make some radical changes soon. :slight_smile: