Considering Evolution On Venus. (Anton Petrov)?

One of the beauties of science is the fascinating surprises it keeps tossing at us.

New ways to think about old acquaintances.

I’ve occasionally watched videos by Anton Petrov on YouTube and so far I could recommend every one of them. He’s got a down home way about him that’s comfortable and I like the way he talks about science and describes his topics.

I’ve also liked Venus for a long time, since I was kid and all scientists had were educated guesses.

Lots of fascinating new chapters over the decades and increasingly complex and detailed understanding developing, with plenty of room for more discovers. (At least so long as humanity’s global house of cards holds together.) I’ve lost track of Venus, been seduced and distracted by Earth. That’s why watching this interesting video was like meeting an old friend, whom you look at in a new light. It’s also another one of those, why of course, how could it have been different. But it’s so nice for it go from pure imagination to stuff with a little data supporting the Physical Reality of the thing. Oceans on Venus, now one can almost imagine the fossils that will never be seen.

Fun shit. This is why some folks love Physical Reality, Evolution, Earth Centrism.

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it takes me to devonbirch’s page, then immediately, flips to my own page.
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I was surprised to learn recently that USSR was on the surface back in the '70s

I started watching a Petrov video from Sept 2020.

Interesting thought that possibly Venus, Earth and Mars had similar environments as “recent” as a few hundred million years ago.


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Thank you and no biggie, I was just going to share the following video that has a fairly detailed summary of the follow up to this originally study.


Sabine Hossenfelder - March 20, 2021

Whatever Happened to Life on Venus?

A few months ago, possible signs for life on Venus made big headlines. A group of researchers claimed they had found traces of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus and that this could be signs for microbial life. However, it did not take long for other researchers to question the result. In this video, I summarize the status as of today and explain what it all means.


The original study is here: Phosphine gas in the cloud decks of Venus.

Greaves, J.S., Richards, A.M.S., Bains, W. et al. Nat Astron (2020).


The papers criticizing it are:

Re-analysis of the 267 GHz ALMA observations of Venus No statistically significant detection of phosphine

I. A. G. Snellen et al. A&A, 644, (2020).


Claimed detection of PH3 in the clouds of Venus is consistent with mesospheric SO2

Andrew P. Lincowski et al. ApJL 908 L44 (2021).


Complications in the ALMA Detection of Phosphine at Venus

Alex B. Akins et al. ApJL 907 L27 (2021).


Re: Russians (in a good way)

I had read about their Venera missions earlier. Nice “quickie” video at #341628

Nice approach to double up. Like they did with the machine in Contact. ?

(Did the machine ever have a name? I couldn’t find it)

fairly detailed summary
So that's a definite maybe!

Thanks for the vid. I think you’ve posted her before? (I’ve seen her somewhere)

Definitely. For sure, more study is needed.


Thanks for the vid. I think you’ve posted her before? (I’ve seen her somewhere)

Sabine Hossenfelder

She’s a trip, check WIKI, does a ton of videos these days, at first impressed me, then I started wondering, then I googled her, then because of the things I was looking up and reading back then, I read other physicists’s mentioning her (and her own work) with a nod. So that’s cool, she’s the real deal and is what a scientist sounds like. And as every honest scientist admits they make their own fair share of mistakes. She has mastered the camera, and she knows her stuff, speaks well, thinks well. Oh and she’s German, in fact I lived in Frankfurt, for a few months now and then, right about the time she was born there. That bit of news made me laugh.