US significantly greater threat to democracy than Russia & China


A poll taken in 53 countries has found that 44% of people around the world consider the United States to be a threat to their democracy – significantly more than those who believe the same about China and Russia.

Most of the countries in the poll don’t even have democracy to begin with. However no one can deny that America is the biggest global threat by far.

Of you look at what we did in Central America, there’s a case to be made here. But it’s a poll, not analysis.

Hilarious: A US govt-funded org founded by NATO to spread “free markets” did a poll in 53 mostly rich countries

It found 44% of respondents see USA as a threat, compared to 38% for China & 28% Russia


Was this a one time poll? I didn’t catch that in the article. I wonder how the current numbers compare to years past … and past administrations. Note, they did mention a “hangover effect” from the previous administration.


Whereas in the spring of 2020 people in both more democratic and less democratic countries were equally satisfied with their government’s pandemic response (70%), a year later the approval ratings have dropped down to 65% in less democratic countries, but in more democratic countries the rating has fallen to 51%.
seems to imply the poll has been ongoing - but for how long?



Asian countries were high among those that feared US influence, with Pakistan fearing Washington the most. Japanese respondents also consider the US to be a greater concern than China – while Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, and Switzerland were also among the top half.