Upper clock limit for a Silicon based core ?

So speaking in theoretical terms, what would be a Clock limit for a Silicon based core ? We of course also need to take into account the physical size of the core. I assume at a certain point, you lose speed because the core is just to big. So where do you think is that point ?

Could we for example see something like 12GHz on a single core ?

Or is the sky the limit and we could, with a big cooling solution, see 20GHz on a core ?

From what i have been able to read, there is no limit in terms of how fast you can make the Core. The limit comes from different stuff such as the Memory. A 12Ghz Core is all but worthless if you dont have Memory that can keep up.
Not to mention the heat that would build up. Transistor size is also important. We are at around 7nm right now and some companys plan to reach 3nm by 2022. How much that plays into it i am not sure.

So yeah, what do you think of this ?

I don’t know if there’s a limit in physics, but I do know that current limits are restricted by the ability to cool them. But no, adding more cooling is not actually a solution because everything in the universe takes time. It takes time for heat to be conducted away from the core and to the cooling system. To my knowledge, silver is the best heat conductor (I believe head and electrical conduction are proportional). There are no thermal super conductors. So you would get to a point where heat is being produced faster than it can be conducted away. Also, even if it were instant, you would also get to a point where the heat being produced exceeds the material’s limits. Then it doesn’t matter how much cooling you have.

I’m sure there is an upper limit in physics. That would be the highest frequency that can be transmitted over a wire, assuming you could cancel out all noise effect on nearby components and handle the massive heat produced by it. Something below the light spectrum. No idea what that might be though.

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