Are we missing an opportunity to use unlimited wireless power?

If we set an environment with only coherent laser light, we should be able to power whatever we want as long as normal light is not getting in causing decoherence and preventing quantum weirdness events from happening.

This is how plants work with photosynthesis. Is another reason leaves are a dark green because they need the light to be absorbed but remain on the outside to prevent decoherence inside and halting the quantum photosynthesis event from happening?

I think electricity could leap out of water into air if both volumes are devoid of decoherence.

Sorry, I should have said “unhindered” not “unlimited”. I just mean you could have freedom throughout the volume to use high wireless power. The coherent light is just so you can see in the volume without disturbing the quantum weirdness.

I don’t care what color the plant is, what matters is how opaque it is.

I don’t care water is a horrible conductor. We haven’t tried it without incoherent light. The electricity would be in superposition …it doesn’t matter the medium as long as the medium if filled with free particles.

Okay, I walked away from this one before, since fundamentally I do try to be nice guy, but your double slitty, has me irritated,

can’t hold back the that impulse anymore.

@pittsburghjoe: Sorry, I should have said “unhindered” not “unlimited”.
Actually "unhinged" would be better yet.

There’s a detail worth asking about:

What do you propose doing with unlimited power?

I mean what does “unlimited power” have to offer humanity anyways, other than speeding up our self-destruction?

I just said I meant “unhindered” mr toolbag

unlimited, unhindered, so what are you going to do with unhindered energy?

What the fuck is unhindered energy, gonna make it pop into existence by manipulating waves???