Ukraine, McCain, Palin

This just came out, and he did it without a book deal. The mess we are in started years ago.

Okay I read that, but don’t think I could handle too many chapters of whatever style you’d call that. Coy, self effacing while self obsessive - oh yeah, a self confessional or something like that - so actually trying to tell a clear concise story isn’t the point. Okay I feel better now. I hope Steve Schmidt does too.

So, McCain didn’t care to notice the weird games Manafort was playing with Russian and Ukraine, McCain lied about an affair, ‘she’ could be as nasty as Megan McCain, McCain was absolutely desperate to keep his campaign alive.
Who’d a thought it.

Senator John McCain turned a blind eye to the dealings of his top adviser, Rick Davis, who was making millions of dollars with his partner, Paul Manafort. Manafort was advancing the interests of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe.

Oh yeah, and then there’s the Palin specter.

All the lies of the Repugs and all the Right wingers, the Religious Reich, all need to come out into the open. The problem is, getting their followers to listen.

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