Textbook example of how to lie

If you haven’t seen Lex Fridman in action, this is a good one to start with. He is not confrontational. He let’s his guest tell their story. He challenges by asking for the best argument against strong positions. He asks about history, where they get their knowledge.

You can see the direct link between what Stone says and what some people come here and do. When in a corner, he switches to whataboutism. Lex even sneaks in a little critique, by critiquing Putin (around the middle), saying Putin will say “let’s just talk facts” in a very nice, calm tone, but then go on to lie and lie. Stone lies by omission, or by saying he knows some people were killed by someone, but doesn’t gives names, dates, you know, evidence. He talks about how countries just want their sovereignty, but then says Zelensky stole his sovereignty.

Hello dear constituents,

I am your representative in congress and I am willing to work hard on your behalf, especially if you own a business.

My demands are modest’

If you want something blocked, my “no” vote will cost you 50,000 dollars.
If you want something passed, my “yes” vote will cost you 100,000 dollars.

As you can see, I will earn your generosity with diligent pursuit of your desires.

Vote for me as your representative in government!!! image

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