Poster still being derogatory to others

In the climate change hydrological thread this was posted at 63.

"Your dodge is right in that title Ocean SURFACE temperature.

Excuse me Lausten, but this character is either stunningly stupid, or stunningly dishonest."

This cant be allowed to pass without action as a loss of temper does not excuse use of such derogatory language

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Tim. If you keep ignoring the rules, what are we to do? There is a Read Before Posting post at the top of this section. It includes

Any thread here may only be responded to by the originator of that thread and Moderators or Administrators.

We are addressing CC. Stay out of this thread. If you want to complain about me, or this rule, start a new thread.

Is this section only for pretend ? The complaint has been made and the moderator has addressed another posters entry without comment to the complaintee!!!

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


Your complaint is frivolous. There is discussion on this topic in a couple of threads right now. We are openly addressing the name calling. I said that.

Also, read that “before posting” post. It tells you that 24 hr turnaround is not promised.


  1. not having any serious purpose or value.

Frivolous to call out this behaviour. Nothing in it. Duly noted

What do you fear most?”
"I fear that love is not enough "


No. Frivolous in that it is being addressed. I’ve have spent most of my time in the last few days addressing behaviors. Id like to get back to topics. So, just stop. Engage normally. Be nice. I’ll take care of @citizenschallengev4

You know, we can merge the complains due to them being basically the same complaint.

And you are making that perfectly clear. Lighten up, just get with the program.
I promise you won’t be corrupted, even as you see us as the corrupt deep state of the CFI ! !

(loosely translated from “silence of the lambs”)