Trump Will Be Blamed For This

Apparently it is becoming dangerous to have commercial shipping on the Yemen controlled seas . Freedom of the seas must be assured, with force if necessary.
There is no existentional choice in the matter.

Why ? Its called economic sanctions . Sorry for your delayed Amazon package

Wait a minute here . If you are a pizza delivery boy do you want to be shot at when travelling through a neighborhood on you peaceful mission of trade.?

What if you carry a million pizzas on your way to deliver halfway around the world and some country sinks your ship with impunity???

How do you solve this problem exactly if force is out of the question on one side?

Good on Yemen. Solidarity with Palestine and responding to years of bombing supplied by USA.

Biden wins north Carolina primary - 95 % of the vote with a pathetic 4% turn out !!! Biden wont win with this type of result

Who was he running against?

Bad on Yemen. Solidarity with Palestine’s Hamas in bombing of Israeli civilian celebration. causing 1139 dead, 248 injured civilians. According to international law, that counts as a declaration of war.

OTOH. Biden issues executive order targeting Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians

President Biden on Thursday signed an executive order allowing the U.S. to impose new sanctions on Israeli settlers — and potentially Israeli politicians and government officials — involved in violent attacks against Palestinians.

Why it matters: The unprecedented executive order is the most significant step any U.S. administration has ever taken in response to violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

**Zoom in: There have been nearly 500 Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians since Oct. 7, according to the UN humanitarian office (OCHA).

So, it seems that Biden is trying to protect civilian Palestinians as well as civilian Israelis.

3 settlers is lip services .

Jeremy Kuzmarov: 250 U.S. Cargo Planes and At Least 20 Ships Have Delivered More Than 10,000 Tons of
Armaments and Military Equipment to Israel Since War on Gaza Started

His legacy !! Approval rating at all time low

And who won? … :thinking:

This guy’s brains are fried. He is not going to make it to November

Biden tells crowd he recently met with Mitterrand, former French president who died in 1996.

Another way to frame it

Funny you should say that, or use those words for that matter:

I’ll admit I’m waiting for him to become a babbling blob writhing on the stage floor like some wigged out rock star guitarist, that might actually scare away some of his cult, but maybe not.

What a duplicitous statement.

He did not tell the crowd he met with Mitterand recently. He said that right after he was elected he met with Mitterand at a G-7 meeting.

You cannot just throw out parsed lies and then accuse the president of senility. That is sedition.

Oh yes he can, they can. MAGA ME ME ME MAN. It’s their game plan, toss all the $h¶t against the wall that you can possibly imagine, even if nothing sticks to the wall, it’s guaranteed to leave a big stink.
It’s how they do the deed.
Have you raped your wife recently? Oh, did I say something wrong? It’s a simple honest question, why look at me like that? What are you hiding?


Took office JAN 2021 and G7 was in June 21 . Thats his story

Your problem is all this is true but he is getting stronger. How many times do the liberals need to be told that biden is not going go well against trump and a new fresh progressive face is vital

[quote=“dadada, post:36, topic:10687”]
Took office JAN 2021 and G7 was in June 21 . Thats his story

Yes, and that was 3 years ago. So no dementia, just history.

And you owe President Biden a retraction and an apology for your ill-considered and seditious remarks.

You are not even a US citizen, right? An anonymous whisperer?

Your problem is that apparently, you don’t care if the US president is a convicted criminal. You just worship Trump because he is a … what, con-man?

Is that the standard you set as qualification for the Presidency of the US?
Trump, a criminal like Putin, is the right man for the US democracy?

Biden met with François Mitterrand 3 years ago??:joy: