Trump-Putin "impenetrable" cybersecurity unit

This is the kind of thing that Benedict Arnold II would come up with, not an actual US Commander-in-Chief which Trump is clearly not.
We just saw how Russia remains one of the biggest threats to the US and the west, and now Trump floats the idea of putting the Russians in charge of US cyber-security.

That comment, coming as pundits began referring to the G-20 Summit as the "G-19 plus one" to signal how isolated the U.S. and Trump appeared, was met with "putting the fox in charge of the henhouse" derision — referencing repeated findings by U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies that Russia was involved in wide-scale hacking campaigns.
The U.S. president claimed that he had discussed allegations that Russia interfered with the U.S. election last year, including through hacking. But then Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters that Trump accepted Putin's assurance that Russia didn't interfere. The White House later disputed that to NBC News. After the meeting, Trump sent a tweet saying he would work with Russia to create an "impenetrable" cybersecurity unit to keep "election hacking, & many other negative things" protected.
All the evidence is telling us Trump is the highest level traitor the US has ever had, but the congressional republicans still just sit on their asses and do nothing to protect the country. Too many of them have had their brains transplanted with BS "Tea Party" ideology to have a clue how to even work for most Americans now. One thing this whole event is telling us is just how dangerous it is having extreme far right ideologues running America instead of the kind of broad mix the US used to have in Congress and the White House. Want to kill America, just vote republican next year... if there still is an America...

If trump accepted that Russia was in fact behind the hack of the last US election, then the only reason to even be talking about creating a joint US-Russian cyber-security unit is because that’s what Putin said he wanted.

President-elect Donald Trump accepts the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion that Russia engaged in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential election and may take action in response, his incoming chief of staff said on Sunday. Reince Priebus said Trump believed Russia was behind the intrusions into the Democratic Party organizations, although Priebus did not clarify whether the president-elect agreed that the hacks were directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. "He accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in Russia, so that's not the issue," Priebus said on "Fox News Sunday." It was the first acknowledgment from a senior member of the Republican president-elect's team that Trump had accepted that Russia directed the hacking and subsequent disclosure of Democratic emails during the 2016 presidential election.
Trump had no choice but to accept this back in January because all the evidence says that in fact it did occur, something his chief of staff said then that Trump accepts. So the Trump-Putin meeting at the G-20 was all just stage management. If Trump was a real US president he wouldn't have tried to remove US sanctions against Russia the minute he got into office, his first national security advisor wouldn't have been fired for talking to the Russians about those sanctions, his son, son in law and first campaign manager wouldn't have been meeting with Russian officials and those close to the Kremlin, Erik Prince wouldn't have had some bizarre clandestine meeting with the Russians in the Seychelles and on and on. All the evidence points to Trump being dirty with the Russians. And Trump's own continuing actions keep confirming it over and over. You don't talk about a joint security unit with the nation that just attacked your country through its political system. Unless of course you're the end product of that attack, Trump isn't doing anything to provoke Putin because he's working for Putin.

I think it is true that Trump’s idea of joining with the Russians to provide “cyber-security” would be one of the most irresponsible actions possible.

You have three elements: You have the secret services, mostly the FSB. They have extremely good connections to criminal hackers and the IT industry because the FSB is also in charge of licensing all activities in cyber, like encryption. The military is a second actor, extremely active now, extremely adventurous. Then you have informal actors, people who have their own direct access to the Kremlin. Some of them might work for the security services, but a lot of these guys work directly for the administration of the president. This tactic was developed in 1999, when the Chechens found a way to start all these websites about what’s going on in Chechnya. That was a real threat. So the security agencies got some students to hack these websites. And immediately the Kremlin understood that if you’ve got students, not government actors, attack­ing your targets, it provides you deniable responsibility. And immediately they started encouraging these people to attack other sensitive targets. Some targets were based in Russia: independent media, political opposition. Some were based outside the country. But the Kremlin understood outsourcing is much more effective. They have been using this trick ever since.
Russia engages in information warfare against all its opponents and that includes the US, Trump is only pretending that Putin is our friend because Trump is almost certainly a product of this information warfare being conducted by the Russian government against us all.