Trump and Univision Reporter

I think this is a perfect case of why people are being drawn to Trump. If you hadn’t heard, supposedly Trump threw a Mexican reporter from Univision out of a press conference. If that’s all you knew about the incident you’d think wow what a racist ass. But if you saw the actual footage, assuming what was presented by MSNBC was the entirety of the exchange, then you’d see something’s not quite right. Here’s what I saw (in the footage) and you tell me… Trump is giving a press conference. Standard procedure is for a reporter to raise a hand, be called on, then stand up and ask their question. A reporter did that, and just as Trump was about to answer this Jorge guy from Univision just stands up without being called and just starts talking loudly at Trump. And he wouldn’t shut up. And when Trump told him to sit down (i.e. wait your turn) he just kept talking and talking. And then he starts in with I’m a citizen, I have a right, etc.
Let’s say for a minute it wasn’t Trump, but Obama or Bush, i.e. the actual president, and a reporter just jumped in like that without being called. That reporter would get shouted down by the other reporters and we’d hear how some rude idiot went off at the POTUS. But no, we hear it reported that Trump had some mexican thrown out. (Again assuming the footage was everything there was to it). And what’s more, Trump did NOT throw anyone out. The security guy stepped in of his own volition and got the guy out…he was being extremely disruptive.
My point is, this is a perfect example of how the media is completely slanted. And people pick up on that, and view it as an attack on “their guy”. Very similar to the Black Lives Matter incident with Bernie…those women were rude and obnoxious, bottom line. And yet all we hear about (at least at first) was that Bernie and his progressive followers displayed an ugly racism…again, very slanted, and patently untrue.