Trump ambassadors sold stocks as president downplayed pandemic

This is what a government run like a business looks like.

This is what ME FIRST leaders do for their country. NOTHING but harm. When will we ever learn?

Trump ambassadors sold stocks as president downplayed pandemic and virus was spreading Brian Schwartz - JUL 2 2020 - UPDATED 3 HOURS AGO
  • Several ambassadors chosen by President Donald Trump shed assets amid warning signs that the coronavirus was rapidly spreading across the world.
  • Their sales came as many investors across the country were getting pummeled in the stock market.
  • Many of these ambassadors have been longtime GOP donors, including those who gave to Trump’s 2016 campaign for president and his inaugural committee.


Several U.S. ambassadors actively shed their stock holdings as President Donald Trump tried to downplay the coronavirus outbreak in its early stages.

Ambassadors to Uruguay, France, Morocco and Italy sold shares in transactions that could have made them millions of dollars, according to financial disclosure filings reviewed by CNBC. Much of their sales were in January and continued throughout February, the records show. Their transactions line up with a timeline of federal and congressional announcements as the virus started sweeping across the globe earlier this year. …


Corruption on top of corruption on top of corruption. The swamp became a massive cesspool that became a vast Gulf of Pus.

It’s not “drain the swamp” that we need now. It’s “drain the gangrene” or start cutting off limbs.

This is why Trump’s Virus is an accurate description. The man’s ignorance and pettiness and nastiness has created a mass murderer on a scale that “terrorists” never got close to.


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