Trump Administration Must Censor America's free Press - for the good of "his" country.

“TRUMP - Bringing Hatred Back To America”

Trump Intensifies His Attacks on Journalists and Condemns F.B.I. ‘Leakers’ By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUMFEB. 24, 2017 WASHINGTON — President Trump turned the power of the White House against the news media on Friday, escalating his attacks on journalists as “the enemy of the people" and berating members of his own F.B.I. as “leakers" who he said were putting the nation at risk. In a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Mr. Trump criticized as “fake news" organizations that publish anonymously sourced reports that reflect poorly on him. And in a series of Twitter posts, he assailed the F.B.I. as a dangerously porous agency, condemning unauthorized revelations of classified information from within its ranks and calling for an immediate hunt for leakers. Hours after the speech, as if to demonstrate Mr. Trump’s determination to punish reporters whose coverage he dislikes, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, barred journalists from The New York Times and several other news organizations from attending his daily briefing, a highly unusual breach of relations between the White House and its press corps. Mr. Trump’s barrage against the news media continued well into Friday night. “FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth," he wrote on Twitter shortly after 10 p.m., singling out The Times and CNN. “A great danger to our country. ..."
Why should we be surprised the right wing has been all about ignoring progressives and people of the intellectual enlightenment. Now that they got their hero into the White House it's time for them to focus on the next step in their Master Plan, trying to shut us up for ever. America, it's your move.
Lashing Out Against Critical Reports, White House Bars Outlets From Briefing February 24, 2017 The White House on Friday barred reporters from numerous major media outlets from participating in a regularly scheduled press briefing, triggering charges of retaliation from news executives. "These are moves that governments around the world make when they are less sophisticated and they want to block the press from doing its job, and it's sad to see that it's a tactic that the Trump White House is employing," CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker told NPR. "It has no impact on our commitment to reporting and the story. If anything it only further motivates us to make sure we ferret out all the facts." The latest chapter in the saga of the Trump White House's relations with the press kicked off Thursday night: CNN reported that senior White House officials intervened with the FBI to try to get the nation's top law enforcement officials to throw cold water on news reports about investigations of ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. The White House reacted furiously. On Friday morning at a convention of conservative activists, Trump once more attacked the media as phony and an enemy of the public. He drew a distinction between what he called "fake news" and the rest of the media, and particularly denounced reporters' reliance on anonymous sources. Early Friday afternoon, press secretary Sean Spicer held what's called a gaggle with reporters, during which he responded to questions on the record but without television cameras present. ...
... Reporters noted several ironies. Even as Trump denounced the media for relying on anonymous sources in his address Friday morning, senior White House officials were trashing CNN's report but declining to do so by name. As several reporters noted, in an earlier life Trump used to call major newspapers using an assumed name to plant stories and offer comments as though he were someone else, acting as a publicity agent or spokesman for himself.
Psychopath is as psychopath does !