TIME's 2019 Person of the Year


Note also, that Donald John T rump, who always lobbies for himself to get the Person of the Year award, tweeted, out of apparent jealousy that the choice was ridiculous and that the child who won this year needed anger management.

The President of the United States bullies a child by tweet because she won an award that he wanted for himself. What a man he is! Tho, I guess he hasn’t gotten Melania’s pet message to “Be Best”. (Melania. No Icon of intelligent 1st ladies, there. Good for her that she married into money.)

Btw, I think Greta expressed her anger in a very appropriate fashion at the U.N. But a creepy old climate change denier doesn’t like what she said, so he accuses her of having anger issues.

Time magazine got a darn good photographer for the Greta Person of the Year article photos.

Also, the White House, e.g., Pence, Melania, etc are apoplectic today because one of the lawyers testifying in the Impeachment inquiry said “The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. So while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.”

I have never seen Mike Pence pretend to be so outraged. These f’ing hypocrites freak out and condemn someone about making that rather innocuous statement as if it were a personal slap in Barron Trump’s face. Meanwhile they say nothing about Donald John T rump’s continuing attempts to directly bully Greta Thunberg. (Btw, It doesn’t phase Greta, in the least, due to her personal autism spectrum power of not being overly concerned with others’ opinions about her.)


Those are good pictures of Greta.

And no, not even Washington wanted to be called a king or anything of the like. He settled for president only because humans need a title for the office.

I also think Greta doesn’t read much of what the dotard says. She has other things to read beside his tantrums. I’m sure she spends a lot of her time with her head in a science book or literature or something of the like, but not the dotard’s bully pulpit.

Actually, Greta has made subtle responses to T rump’s attacks on her. She just wasn’t fazed by them. And she has a lot of time on Scholstrejk For Klimatet Fridays for thinking.

She has had lots of death threats, I noticed in the article. But she is not overly concerned. She thinks it must mean that the movement is having some success.

How can there be people (and apparently lots of them) who would threaten a girl’s life? (A 16 year old that looks more like 13, just because she is an activist for stopping global warming.) All the men leaders of countries, including our dotard, are pathetic cowardly scum to badmouth Greta, and to thereby encourage even sicker sickos to do violence against her.

I guess it is no big deal to most people that T rump attacked Greta because she won Person of the Year instead of him. I mean T rump does similar outlandish behaviors regularly. But I take particular exception to this one. He is, arguably, the most powerful person in history, right now. And he snidely swipes at a minor with one of his infamous bullying tweets.

I say therefore, that this most powerful person in history, is not a man. A man does not bully a little girl. Actually I am not sure what gender of a powerful person would bully a little girl. So I wonder whether our unmanly leader is even human.

I would like to see his birth certificate, to prove that he is from this planet. But even if he IS human he has shown that he is completely unworthy of being the leader of the USA.

I guess the good news is that if the Dems choose a woman to run against T rump, she will not have to worry about any negative bias for being a woman running against a man, because T rump is not a man.

I think I’ve got it. T rump is a spoiled cowardly bullying and totally self-absorbed child, trapped in the body and mind of a heavyset 73 yr old man.

His campaign altered the Time’s cover, thusly:

Now that is an atrocity. (I mean his face.) I think it is also rather atrocious that his campaign can recruit new Trumpians by making fun of a little girl and making her look like a ghoul with that face on her body. Pretty disgusting. I hope he doesn’t frame that and hang it in his office, as if he really were Person of the Year, 2019. Cause he’s not the most important person, despite all the shite he has pulled, at least not according to Time.


Here’s an atrocity - truth, honesty, integrity, compassion doesn’t mean a damned thing. Delusionals are as delusional does.



So, this is what the new Amerika wants? Hmmm, where did that come from HollywoodNation?



You forgot the one where they put T rump’s head on a currently infamous superhero villain that destroyed 1/2 of all of the life in the galaxy.

How is it that his supporters get off on that?


Here it is. They did a whole video of T rump as Thanos, and had him turn Nancy Pelosi and other political opponents to ash. If someone had done the opposite, and had their own face as Thanos, who turned T rump to ash, the Secret Service would probably be meeting with them. Remember the female comedian who held up an obviously fake bloody head of T rump? She was in trouble with the government and was practically black listed.

But T rump can murder his political opponents with the snap of his Thanos fingers, and he gets gleeful celebration from his constituents.

I suggest altering the comic page where squirrel girl has killed Thanos. Squirrel girl would have Greta’s face and Thanos would have T rump’s.

Btw, Look who won “Wasting Time’s” Person of the year: