The US Govt Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan

Using the same deceitful tactics they pioneered in Vietnam, U.S. political and military officials repeatedly misled the country about the prospects for success in Afghanistan.

Old news to most Americans.

And Europeans. We had our own liars.

Foreign wars like Iraq and Afghanistan are a tried and true method to keep gullible Americans from objecting to the wasteful spending of two thousand million dollars a day, every day for years and years and years. If you wave a big flag in front of enough uninformed Americans they’ll agree on invading Canada or any other nation in the world. The Iraq war had a 70 percent approval rating at one time. There was never any threat to the United States that originated in either Iraq or Afghanistan despite what many believed and still do believe. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi citizen as was most of the attackers on 911. While it’s true that Bin Laden found sanctuary first in Afghanistan and then Pakistan, neither country originated any attacks on the U.S.
Big budgets with big wasteful spending need big lies to keep the revenue stream flowing and fear is the best way to prime the pump. Millions still believe Saddam Hussein was behind the 911 attack. This widespread fallacy was very useful in ramping up military spending and for many who profit handsomely there’s still plenty of money to be made.

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