Every Time US “Saves” a Country, It Converts It into a Madhouse or a


Every Time the US “Saves” a Country, It Converts It Either into a Madhouse or a Cemetery

After twenty years, the United States government – and the forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – will depart from Afghanistan. They said that they came to do two things: to destroy al-Qaeda, which had launched an attack on the United States on 11 September 2001, and to destroy the Taliban, which had given al-Qaeda a base. After great loss of life and the further destruction of Afghan society, the US departs – as it did from Vietnam in 1975 – in defeat: al-Qaeda [covertly supported by the US] has regrouped in different parts of the world, and the Taliban is set to return to the capital, Kabul.

The speaker of Afghanistan’s parliament, Mir Rahman Rahmani, warns that the country is poised to enter a new period of civil war, a repeat of the terrible civil war that ran from 1992 to 2001.

Was it really total defeat though?



Did Japan lose the war?

In the case of Afghanistan it’s always been like that.

Are you blaming the US for the current madhouse in Ukraine?

Why introduce this gratuitous slander on the US while Russia is engaged in rendering Ukraine into a wasteland?

Don’t you know that statements like this are being broadcast in Russia with a byline that it’s the US which is responsible for the current madhouse in Ukraine.

Think before you spout inflammatory language.