The Roots of Fascism - G. Monbiot

Seems that more and more pundits in America are predicting Trump will win this November because the Democrats remain as inept and impotent at exposing the trump treason as they were four years, perhaps even worse. So what are we ignorants in America playing with when we allow our political leaders to brazenly flout the law?

We are heading towards a very dark place.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 5th February 2020

It is not a sufficient condition for fascism to take root, but it is a necessary one. The willingness of political leaders not only to break the law, but to revel in breaking it, is a fatal step towards the replacement of democracy with authoritarian terror.

We see this at work in the United States today, where the Republican Party’s blatant disregard for the constitution will allow Donald Trump to escape impeachment. If Trump is elected for a second term, he will test the potential for wielding unconstitutional power to the limit. But the phenomenon is not confined to the US. Several powerful governments now wear illegality almost as a badge of honour.

Fascist and pre-fascist governments share (among others) two linked characteristics: they proudly flout the laws that are supposed to restrain them, while introducing new, often unconstitutional laws to contain political opponents or to oppress minorities. …