How Fascism Works, a warning for USA

Before we get into this conversation about fascism how do you define it?

Fascism is an ideology based on power loyalty and fear of the other

where the other is defined ethnically or in terms of nationality or religion.


Fascist politics can happen in a Democracy.

That’s what we’re seeing across the world right now in Brazil in the United States we’re seeing fascist social and political movements in democracies and what you have to look for when that happens is the press to undermine the democracy from within to undermine its institutions and to create new institutions fascist institutions


… we have something that might look like a militia a national police force whose job it is to do the president’s bidding and that looks like an institution that doesn’t belong in a democracy


and so on an so forth


Is the U.S. Headed Towards Tyranny? Timothy Snyder Discusses

Amanpour and Company
Feb 18, 2020

Seems to me that some of us have repeatedly brought up the warning signs of t rump’s inexorable quest toward becoming an autocrat, over the past few years.

Now the factors grow more obvious, frequent, and shameless.

There are actually Federal Secret police, in paramilitary fittings in US cities tonight.

Hey! t rump, 1940 Germany called, Adolph wants his Gestapo back.

Yeah, recall my dark outlook after the 2016 election.

Imagine this is going to turn out worse than you can imagine.
sree, how's that working for us as a nation?

Here is what a true “Merkin” does to confront baby Gestapo. (It is like our version of a Chinese guy standing before tanks in Tiananmen Square.)

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