The Republican Party's future is dependent on voter suppression

That’s why it’s become the centerpiece of their planning.
Young voters not interested in the MAGA madness, ban voting on or near college campuses, it’s a no brainer for GOP leaders and the billionaires who own them. (Getting back down to Earth and democratic ideals and respect for the law, doesn’t occur to them. It’s absolute power they are after, and it’s a war - they’ll tell you so quite openly.)

BOMBSHELL: Secret audio exposes Republican plan to steal 2024 election

Apr 21, 2023 - Brian Tyler Cohen

A bit of history

I could have guessed that was not a bombshell or secret. They’ve been doing all this in the open. In this world, unless you say “we need to suppress votes”, then people will believe you don’t want to suppress votes. They’ll believe you want election integrity or whatever you say.

There’s a point there where the obvious answer to her question about what to do is for them to try to get more people voting for them. That should be the game. Instead, they’ve turned losing into a conspiracy.

This is nothing new. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was that told Republicans, I think it was at a conference of some sort, in the 80’s, (and it wasn’t Lee Atwater), he said that society was moving away from the Repub/Conservative ideology and that the only way to win now (meaning then and into the future) was to minimize voting in every way possible. I.e. the more people that vote, the less chance Repubs/Cons have to win. Boy I wish I could remember his name.

Point is, the current efforts are the culmination, not the starting point, of voter suppression.

True enough, still too many people are willfully ignorant of the importance of exercising their own patriotic duty to vote.

The issue needs to be on the front burner, along with that lawless . . .
Supreme Court.

Two things tell me that is being done.

One, the latest conspiracy is that voter registration drives are run by the liberal elite. The evidence is, they setup their registration drives in heavily Democratic districts.

The other is, when I find someone not voting and ask them why, they say their vote doesn’t matter, that it’s all rigged. This was happening long before “fake news” became a thing.

I think people are pretty well informed on how many vote. Maybe fewer believe there are more Left-leaning people who are non-voters, but Obama proved you can motivate them. Then Trump found some others who he could motivate. I think that’s the answer, motivate voters. Well, that and fixing the gerrymandering and voter suppression, but again, that’s being done from the highest level.

Motivation begins with information and starting discussions and getting people concerned.

At every level.


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Here’s one of the best hours I’ve spent in a long time. I should probably stop randomly searching around for something to fill the time, but it’s awesome when I stumble on something like this.

I set this to come up at the last question, asking if we can become more rational, as a species and society. All questions are bookmarked in the description. Unfortunately each one is interrupted by a commercial. He points out that education is important, but people tend to hear the material, then pass the test, but don’t necessarily apply it. He doesn’t have an answer for how we break through that problem. I’m not sure anyone does.

If you work backward, he talks about media, so I think he’s touching on the same points you are. Media highlights the outliers, making it appear that a new experiment that questions the old theories carries a lot of weight. That’s a good place to start. Media should be more aware of it’s role in educating the public, how it’s perceived, and include scientific consensus when reporting new science.

It’s not that I don’t think people need information, they do, but even the best, most factual, least biased presentations are contributing to the polarization.

You’ve questioned me on that visceral understanding thing,
It’s that point when all that random information coalesces into a coherent understandable story of the whole, well an aspect of the whole.
It’s like my perception of deep-time and the flow of Evolution a huge montage of different timescales and events and all the pieces fit like clock gears, and it feels like home. That’s what applying the fathomless information we’ve gather over the past century, half century, is all about.

What’s wonderful is how new information coming in, always seems to fit right in with its surrounding pieces that I may already be aware of it. I don’t need to presume to understand the whole, all of these pieces that I am aware of tells me plenty enough.

I am an element in the flow of Earth’s Evolution - it’s like what could get more simple or meaningful, (or eternal for that matter) than that? As a bonus, I’m constantly learning new marvels about that physical reality.

I’ll make a point of listening when I can get the quiet time.

I don’t think I’ve questioned you, I think I’ve noted that it’s a personal experience. It’s a story you can tell. The challenge is passing along those feelings. Telling the story in a way that communicates it.