The Purpose of Life

Personally I don’t see one. It was hard for me to admit to myself at first and still is, but I’m growing to accept that there is no grand overarching purpose to existence. It just seems to “be” without any point or reason (reason implying meaning and not cause and effect). Then I see stuff like this:

Short answer: Creation!

The problem of rationally trying to answer the question: “What is the point of life?”

Leo starts out by denying an objection that people from the materialist paradigm might come up with: “Reality is just arbitrary.” It is just this physical, rigid system.

Life is not dumb, it is not accidental, it is not coincidental, it is not arbitrary. Life is intelligent and designed. You need to step out of your ego mind and rational mind to appreciate the brilliance of reality and the design behind it.

What is the point of the Universe? (macro-level)

The Universe is an infinite singularity: An infinite amount of dimensions, an infinite field of consciousness. It is completely self-aware and alive. It is all-loving and creative. It is God. The Universe subdivided itself into an infinite number of parts because there is ultimately no distinction between a division and a unity, it is all one. All possible subdivisions are already contained within the Universe and always have been. There is only one ultimate Reality, containing within it an infinite amount of sub-realities. It is radically all-encompassing, if you will. The only one thing the Universe can do, for all of eternity, is explore itself. Remember that the Universe is not dumb, it is vibrantly alive! It can desire! It desires constantly to know itself. It does this through your human life and an infinite number of other experiences. The only way in which the Universe can know or be itself, which are ultimately the same, is by living through every single infinite amount of possibilities. All there are within the Universe is an infinite number of perspectives. The point of the universe is to live through every single one of them in order to know and to be itself.

  • The point of the Universe is itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to simply be Itself. - The point of the Universe is to experience all the parts and teh whole of Itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to experience itself being a creator. - The point of the Universe is God realization. For God to awaken to Itself. - The point of the Universe is for God to create Itself and to love Itself. - The point of the Universe is unity through division.

What is the point of your human life? (micro-level)

  • The point of your human life is to realize that you are God. - The point of your human life is to realize that you created all of this, but that you forgot. - The point of your human life is to realize your own magnitude. - The point of your human life is to Love yourself. - The point of your human life is to become God-like. - The point of your human life is to be a consciouss creator. - The point of your human life is to conquer fear through unconditional Love. - The point of your human life is to embody Love and Goodness. - The point of your human life is to inspire others through your example. - The point of your human life is to experience the duality. - The point of your human life is to experience every moment fully. - The point of your human life is to help others to awaken. - The point of your human life is to evolve your consciousness. - The point of your human life is to align your will with the will of God. - The point of your human life is to create the most beautiful creation possible. - The point of your human life is to choose and define who you want to be.

“Consciousness has devided itself and it seeks to reunify with itself. This cycle goes on forever. You have an infinite number of lives, and you cannot die.” […] “You have nothing to lose in this process. There is no possibility of failure.”


“Life is meaningless!”

Life is meaningless, but that is not to be confused with nihilism, depression, lack of inspiration and motivation, negativity… Being is prior to meaning and it is much more profound. The point of anything is itself. Human life has a deliberate design. It’s part of a greater whole of which you might say it does have a function, a meaning.

“I thought that nothing mattered?”

Nothing matters, yet God must still be God. It must still experience itself. That is what it means for God to be God. Ultimately, Creation does not matter. That’s why God creates. It creates for the joy and delight of Creation.

“Isn’t this religious dogma?”

No. Verify the Truth for yourself.

“How could you possibly know all this?”

Through mystical experiences, contemplation, deep study and research of spiritual scriptures and books. Through intuition and direct consciousness of God.

All the answers about life you come up with are ultimately your own imagination. But everything within Creation is imagination!

“What if you’re deluded?”

What is the alternative…? Any alternative you give is also just a point of seeing the world. So do the spiritual practices and see for yourself if you are God.

“isn’t this contradictory to life-purpose?”

No. Life-purpose is a practical human realization about what you are passionate about as an indivdual.

“Can I fail at life?”

No. Death is an illusion. You are immortal. All roads ultimately lead to Nirvana. Don’t rush to enlightenment for the sole purpose of trying to avoid failure. As explained earlier: there is no failing this game.

“I just want to escape this life and suffering. Why don’t I just kill myself?”

If you do, you’ll escape to Nirvana. Eventually, however, you’ll want to polarize yourself again and reincarnate. Where you are right now is the perfect place where you need to be. When you die, you will be here.

"Isn’t this an ego driven explanation of the point of life?

No. It’s an explanation of the design or architecture of life.

“Doesn’t enlightenment mean there is nothing to do? You make it seem as though there is stuff to do.”

If you want, you can do nothing. Enlightenment doesn’t say anything about what you should or should not do in your life. It is simply the realization that you are ther Creator. Then, you can choose what you can create. There are no “Should’s” within the Universe unless you create them yourself!

“This explanation of the point of life isn’t in line with what I heard or believe.”

Spirituality is a broad concept and certain people will use certain words to explain certain things. It is a complex phenomenon.

“Isn’t reality perfect? So then why does it need improvement?”

This is a simplistic notion of non-duality. From the absolute perspective, this is true, yet practically you can consciously choose to improve your creations.!

And it makes me wonder the lengths that some people go to in order to cope with the void of inherent meaning in our lives. Meaning, as far as I know, is a human thing (or possibly the result of lifeforms with sufficient mental capabilities). To say the universe is intelligent is…wow. I really don’t know how they get that. But I guess I want to get at is “why do people think the blocked paragraph” and also “why is it so hard for people to accept that not everything conforms to our sense of order or reason”?

Setting aside the fact that “goodness, improvement, etc” are subjective and change all the time.

“why is it so hard for people to accept that not everything conforms to our sense of order or reason”?
Xian, you've been asking that since you got here, so it's insincere for you to wonder why others find this hard. Ultimately, if you strip away the God language from your big quote, there is nothing there that contradicts the answers others have given you here. Life is meaningless, just like we've said. You can find purpose, just like we've said. Just don't give this guy or any others any money. You can learn to meditate just fine on your own. It says to go verify this on your own. Just don't waste a lot of time on it. Go have some fun and live a little, you'll find plenty of meaning just by doing that.

The purpose of life?

Making your puppy dog happy.

There is no purpose.

However, even if there were a purpose for being here, I bet that whatever or whoever imposed it wouldn’t make it, “Waste your life obsessing about the purpose of life.

If you live your life the best way you know how to, then it’s not your fault if you don’t follow some greater purpose that wasn’t communicated to you. Any purpose will arise from living your life your way.

Just live!!

To me life is about living it. To me if you aren’t going out and doing things and the like, not for recognition from others or their approval but for you, then it’s no different from being dead.

Xian: "To me life is about living it. To me if you aren’t going out and doing things and the like, not for recognition from others or their approval but for you, then it’s no different from being dead."
Every post you make says otherwise. It's you who goes on and on and on and on and on and on about not having anything to live for.

Most of us honestly want you to get out there and live, which is why practically every response to you is telling you to. I rarely drink, but if you ever decide to get out there and live on your own terms, I’ll have some Baily’s in my coffee to honour the occasion.

It’s more like a battle against the void. That any meaning or purpose to life is just arbitrary and ultimately meaningless. So anything I decide to do gets shut down.

A 180 on 3 hours!

Who is doing this shutting down?

Scientifically speaking how about “Electron Transport” ?


Within the first few minutes, he calls you, the listener, dumb, for not getting what he is about to tell you. No teacher calls you dumb. So, he was done before he started. Then he describes the universe as having attributes without explaining any of those attributes. He claims it created things without any explanation of how it created those things or where it got the power to do that. He pretty much just looks at the human experience and reflects it out to the universe. After the 10th time he said colonoscopy, I turned it off. He’s a clown who likes to make poop jokes.

Okay lets talk about there Krebs cycle. First heard about it a few year back in a book, it keeps getting brought up and I’m finally getting a hint at what an incredible thing it is - and how it lead to the near inevitability of life - when if the proper circumstance and atom have a chance to dance with each other.

Actually just kidding.

I don’t know enough about it to do more than stand in awe as bits and pieces become slightly clearer for me, thanks to an assort of awesomely informative lectures on YouTube.


Of course the translation into cells gets a tad more complicated

IUBMB-Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Chart

Interactive Metabolic Pathways Map

This new edition of the iconic IUBMB-Nicholson Metabolic Pathways Chart brings increased functionality to a canonical tool. Now, all metabolites, enzymes, and selected pathways are searchable and interactive.

The “backbone” of the map is the Glycolytic Pathway followed by the TCA (Krebs) Cycle and the Respiratory Chain which together lead to the synthesis of ATP by ATP Synthase. ATP is the source of most of the energy required for all life. Many biosynthetic and breakdown pathways of metabolism such as carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids are associated with this backbone and are differentiated by the use of color.

Human metabolism is distiguished where possible by the use of black arrows. Some 550 reactions are identified by their IUBMB Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers which are then indexed.




Not sure what point you are trying to make CC, or if you are just having fun, but I tried relating this to my work. I’m a computer programmer for County government. I like the details of my job, like using a CROSS JOIN to bring the right record to the top of the list, or COALATE to get a list of people in one program then select those from a larger list. Nobody cares about this except other people who do what I do. But, what I create is a list that social workers can use to be sure they are seeing the people that need to be seen. Each individual does not need to create their own time management system and figure out how to transfer that data to create reports to the state. The paperwork gets done but more important, the people with needs get seen.

Looking at life, I barely know my RNA from my DNA. If someone showed it to me, I’d understand it for a day or two, then probably lose it because I didn’t work with it regularly. But I know the explanation is there. And that explanation explains life and evolution and can be used to understand biology which can be used to understand psychology and eventually to give us some insight into why we fight and fear and love. Pretty cool.

I first got sucked into him with his views on Pyrrhonism, which seemed one sided when he said he could study anything (which isn’t what it’s about) and applying it only to materialism without acknowledging that it applies to ANY claim of knowledge. He has a real bone to pick with materialism for some reason (even suggesting that quantum physics debunks it, I checked it out and it doesn’t. Well they said it debunks older forms of it).

I mean the evidence for his claims are mystical experiences and spiritual teachings (which I guess are rooted in mystical experiences), it would not surprise me if things he said were unreliable. But his fan club sure seems to buy into it.

Based on everything I have read so far all I can say is that reality is weird, humans are weird and curious, and the brain even more so.

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Do mountains have a purpose?? Or is it just a result if a geological event??