The Purpose of Life

I’m not talking about mountains.

I am using an analogy. Do you understand?

It’s not relevant to what’s going on.

As dumb as they come

@ Lausten - July 1, 2019 at 7:32 am


CC: “Scientifically speaking how about “Electron Transport” ?”

Lausten: “Not sure what point you are trying to make CC, or if you are just having fun,”

Well, yes and no. Because actually anyone that wanted to seriously discuss that question in a seriously deep manner, they’d wind up having to wonder about that Electron Transport cascade that makes life possible to begin with.

I heard about it first, to where I paid any attention, years ago in one of Robert Hazen’s books and its been showing up in a lot of my reading and listening lately.

Although I have done a bit of a switcheroo, since “electron transport” is the key understanding the Origins of Life and it’s continuation.

Although now that life is going, it could be said: the purpose of life is to keep it going. So we’re back to the OP.

And no I don’t pretend to understand it, hell I’m feeling a little self satisfied that I’m starting to get an inclining of what they are talking about.

But it’s an utterly fascinating thing to try and wrap my brain around and it makes as much sense and anything in this line of self-indulgence that Xain is so into.

As dumb as they come
Speak for yourself, oh wait you are.


Back to the purpose of life, er energy flow. Hear it from one of the big boys.

How Energy Flow Shapes The Evolution of Life - Professor Nick Lane

Gresham College
Published on Feb 14, 2018

Despite the explosion of genetic information in recent years, we have surprisingly little insight into the peculiar history of life on our planet. Most genetic variation natural experiments in evolution is found in simple bacteria, yet they have barely changed over four billion years. No complex animals or plants are composed of bacterial cells. Why not? Why did complex cells only arise once in the history of life? And why are we complex beings so alike, with humans and mushrooms and trees all plotting for sex? Nick Lane will explore the importance of energy flow in shaping life from its very origins to the flamboyant complexity around us, and ask whether energy flow would direct evolution down a similar path on other planets. The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website:… Gresham College has been giving free public lectures since 1597.


Getting off topic there.

No I’m not. You asked about Life, … not the games in our individual heads. :- )


Which is what I think you meant to ask about. ;- )

You can always rephrase the question.



Surely not whatever?

Player occasionally makes a good point in 3 words. “Anything goes” is not a workable system of ethics.

No I’m not. You asked about Life, … not the games in our individual heads. :- )


Which is what I think you meant to ask about. ;- )

Like I said, you were getting off topic.